cosplay i'd like to see

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Can you post a selfie? No makeup or cosplay, just you. You are incredibly cute and I'd like to see your face again

This is my I-just-woke-up-and-haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet face.

P.s. I stopped using makeup for cosplay a year ago. It’s all in the facial expressions, lighting and angles.

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I was wondering about Karkat's skin in SUstuck, what color is it exactly? I'd like to cosplay it one day.

just like you see it in the pictures ;v; which I guess is some sort of dark red/brown

Anon:I was curious if you have a gem design for Gamzee? 8/

I don’t think I’ll make any for the other guys for now sdkjs

Anon:What is SUStuck Vriska’s official design? I saw that you had two of em and they were different. Does she change her outfit often? And is her gem on her upper back (pic w/ map) or lower back (all su stuck girls)?

booth, one is supposedly post reforming at some point uvu and the gem was meant to be in the same spot in both pics, I probably made one a bit lower due to the outfit but I’d say mid-lower 8′)

also I’m finishing some more refs for the characters soonn

Anon:Do you think you could draw a dirk Jake Fusion for the sustuck thing???

this question got asked so many times lmao I don’t know, maybe eventually (but most likely not bc I don’t feel like it)