Hi everyone, my name is Saf! As some of you may know, I graduated from school with a degree in costume design in May, and got out of my internship as an apprentice stitcher at the Santa Fe Opera company at the end of August, and since then I’ve been doing cosplay commissions full time. I’ve also started to compete in costume contests, and just recently my Emily Kaldwin(first picture) won Best Costume in the Master Category at Kumoricon.

I’m based in Portland, OR but I will do commissions for anyone, wherever (Though I’d really love some more Seattle/Portland clients, fittings are my friend). I don’t have a limited amount of slots, but I do have a bit of a queue. That being said, I am willing to do rush jobs for an added fee!

My commissions tend to be on the pricier side, but I’m extremely flexible when it comes to payment plans. You’re getting a custom costume! If you want ebay prices, check ebay, please don’t ask me. I’m also flexible when it comes to prices! 

I mostly do sewing, but I’m very happy to do small crafts accessories if you want anything like pins, belts, or small pieces of armor. I’m also happy to do hand embroidery, and I love dyeing and painting, including airbrushing. 

You can message me on any social media for details or quotes, but the best way to reach me is to email me with a reference picture and deadline to safcosplay@hotmail.com 

Emily Kaldwin photo by Josh Chernoff / March Hanayo photo by @kurioslittlefieryone

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Kim Possible cosplay #blackwomenincostume https://www.instagram.com/p/Bafz1qvl6_B/