cosplay for the plus size

Ooh my first mermaid picture is back from the photography creative night last night. This one is by Walker Photography and I love how to makeup looks! I’m trying really hard to feel positive about the weight I’ve gained from being on steroids for my adrenal problems so I’m hoping the world can accept a disabled, plus size mermaid!

More of these to come when I recieve them.

All sewn elements are DONE. Finally.
Only two things left: stylize wig and attach goggles (finished earlier) to its base.
I’m proud and so… so tired.
I didn’t have time for this cosplay, that’s why i was fighting with it since august last year!

(In all this layers I feel like warrior in armor…)
 Better photo [LINK]

MLB Steampunk design by @hubedihubbe


My Halloween Costume this year: Pom Wonderful bottle! I’ve always joked about sharing the same body type as my favorite juice, so I decided it was time for the vision to come alive.

All of the front lettering is felt that has been hand sewn to a dress (from ebay). Most of the nutritional facts on my bum are done with puffy paint. The cap hat is made from cardboard, phonebook paper, hot glue, and some netting.

My purse is a large Pom Wonderful bottle, dyed with alcohol ink, lined in cellophane with a ribbon strap and button closure. Wig is from Amazon! Shoes are thrifted.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and Happy Halloween!

Here’s my last photo from my Galaxy Freckles Princes Allura cosplay look 🌌. 

I plan to come up with new Allura looks, if anyone has any suggestions let me know ☺️🌸!

Wig: Arda Wigs (Ororo Classic, Color: Silver)
Makeup: Maybelline New York, Sephora, Nyx
Ears: Lessa Selig on Etsy

Changed up my Princess Allura makeup, this time I outlined the crown in black, I wanted to try that since in the show her crown is outlined, and I did a darker shade for the markings and lipstick :). The little mouse in the corner is for Allura’s mice friends!

Makeup: Sephora, Maybelline New York, & Nyx


A very, very, VERY basic beginner’s guide to plus size posing


ya boy here debuted their temple gem cosplay at katsucon this weekend 🌟

i was only in her for a few hours but she was so well received + i’m so happy!! i’m definitely bringing it back for other cons

(photo: kai-rax)

fb: femme prince
insta: femmeprincecosplay

Human Ahsoka Tano Inspired Look :).

Recently got into Star Wars Clone Wars, thanks to my dad, and instantly loved watching Ahsoka so I wanted to try out a human version of her! Yay Snips lol.

“Une Ladybug, Lady du coeur
Être héroïque en cas d'urgence”

Costume - me
Design - @hubedihubbe
Photo -

Another photo of my Steampunk LB costume. This time whole outfit. Unfortunately at this photo you don’t see that longer skirt with gradient…