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  • Friend: what is Yuri on ice anyways?
  • Me: *pulls out 12 posters, cosplay wigs, 245 slideshow power point presentation, fanfics, fan art, DVD's, AMV's*
  • Me: I'm glad you asked

Here are the photos that @telluceeni and I did over the course of our Spring Break together. We plan to do more cosplays together (next time doing FrUK since we are lacking photos for that ship) and we’ll do official uniforms next time as well for USUK. Anyways, enjoy the USUK photos we took!

- England (me): @king.arthur._
- America: @telluceeni (same username for IG)

ask-2p-jones  asked:

Looking good there, Arthur. Not bad for a grandpa 😏😎

(Don’t listen to his salty self this cosplayer is AWESOME!! TToTT)

anonymous asked:

I hope it's not treason to say that you're hotter and sexier than my country America.

You Americans have odd definitions of treason, then…

And here’s some stupidity…

(Please forgive me for my sin, I filmed this 2 weeks ago at 2 in the morning… TToTT

Last gif referencing this)


I’ve gotten into ‘remaking fanart into cosplay’ and I am kind of enjoying it. There are so many great artists that give me cosplay ideas.

This time I got the idea from @jotadepes ! I loved the idea of a flower tie, so I made one myself…and tried to recreate this art piece!


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Best distraction when doing a photo shoot semi nude in public is fan service! Here’s a clip of @foxycosplay and @mirashiver being the best distraction we could ask for! #distraction #fanservice #mirashiver #foxycosplay #erzascarlet #lucyheartfilia #fairytail #vollyball #swimsuit #cosplay #cosplaydeviants

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