cosplay do's and don'ts

To All The Sucre Cosplayers Out There...!

You Are Brave And Gorgeous!!!

It’s so annoying that there are generic looking skinny white people who are able to pull off a perfect cosplay of almost any female character.  And I think that speaks volumes about how we treat female characters in our society. 


Harle leotard progress, feat. “too lazy to put my arms through the armholes”

I took all the trim off and redid it. You can see how I did it in the left image – I sewed the trim on right side to right side, flipped it over to hide the seam, sewed it to the spandex along the seam allowance, and then sewed the seam normally so that the trim is inserted into the seam. It works really well.

Leotard worn in the middle, and leotard worn with bonus boob sconces on the right. Still need to figure out how to attach them, but I’m super happy with how they look!

I might just say screw the underboob keyholes. It’s only in one reference anyway. I might open up the seam there on one side to see how it looks, and if it looks terrible, I’ll just sew it back up. No big.

Still left to do on the leotard: attach sleeves, cut neckline wider, do grommets and lacing, do fur trim, attach boobs, do neckline trim (if I do the neckline trim…if I don’t do the underboob keyholes, I’ll probably just hem the neckline normally, since the references without the keyholes also don’t have the gold trim at the neckline)

It’s coming along! I feel like some sort of weird patriotic gogo dancer in this thing, though.

progress on my robbie rotten cosplay! still gotta dye the pants, and i’m waiting for the vest to come in the mail. but it’s looking good so far and i’m super excited!

Little Battleborn Things #944

Whenever I’m really crushing it with Orendi, I tend to get rather aggressive in terms of playstyle AND laugh crazily when I get a KO/Assist. Maybe I should cosplay as Orendi for Halloween…

*another DO IT submission from the DO IT Battleborn candlelit97.