cosplay crying

So i decided to cosplay Sniper!Lance instead of generic 100% cannon Lance since I’m…really weak for the sniper lance thing. So I decided to design the gun! I’m probably gonna stick with this design unless you guys have feedback ;v; (which i would love to hear omg…..)  
I probably won’t be making this until the end of october tbh. 

After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)


gorgeous shots of my Vex'ahlia cosplay from sunday at Supanova! though I unfortunately missed the CR meetup on Saturday, this costume was so much fun to wear- people’s reactions when I gave away chocolate coins and brought out Trinket for photos were absolutely fantastic. Vex is an incredible character and I loved doing her even a little justice.

-photos credit of gany.jpg via facebook

This is without a doubt the best image I have ever created. Not sure I can top this. >w>

So anyways, making a pretty darn complicated cosplay at the moment, but also some smaller ones, so hopefully I’ll have some new awesome shots soon. ♪(┌・。・)┌ 

Take it easy everyone, and take care of yerselves. Hugs to everyone who wants them. <3

This is also a great reaction image to what youtube is doing to Cry’s videos right now.


Here it is. Assorted first, and last, pics of my oldest cosplays; my Guts, and my Dante. MAN idk who you are in the world, if a memelord like me can improve my shit, then YOU CAN TOO. NO EXCEPTIONS. I BELIEVE IN YOU. By the way can we talk about my INSANE 18 yr old pompadour over there on the top left like hOLY SHIT.


((OOC: SpeakING OF INSTAGRAM! A friend turned me in to Viktor Nikiforov today because I was complaining about not having the wig… I’m crying what a pal <3))