cosplay corgi

Oobleck Cosplay Test

Might need to use some base, tweak the workshirt and pick the right footwear (Cropped these as I had socks on), but I’d say I have RWBY’s coffee-obsessed, flame-flinging, corgi-weaponizing Doctor of History down pretty well.  I’ll be doing this for AODSF.

I’ll be doing Casual Oobleck at Fanime, experimenting with doing the hair in a way that’s both fantastical and more realistic.

The Torch came out well - that thing has some HEFT.  I’m planning to write up a how-to.  You can do it with one trip to a hardware/plumbing store and a hobby store.

Dachshund not included.  I just didn’t have a spare corgi.

One of the greatest days of my spn fandom life was when I went to the season 13 premier at a local movie theater and at least three people I didn’t know recognized me from and complimented me on my Gabriel cosplay from Chicon. Which was in July! I guess my wings can leave a lasting impression.

I love these things.