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Hey guys, so just before AX I had two commissions drop, so I’m really in a bind. I have debts/bills I need to pay and are behind on, my car needs gas, etcetcetc and I literally have like $15 to my name (5 cash, 5 in paypal and 5 in checking). I have a lot of things I’m trying to sell/services to offer and I would greatly appreciate any signal boosts or promos I can get! All my products/services are under the cut and I will also be linking to their individual posts! The header for the item will be a link to a Tumblr post, and any other relevant links will be in the description.

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One of my besties Takeshi Cosplay has commission slots open! 
She offers stylings for a decent price and is very fast and skilled! 
She does nearly everything so if you need something write and e-mail to:
I can really recomment her works and she often helps me if I get stuck with one of my wigs <3 
You can also check out that hot piece of human body on FB ; )  

Sales Post

I opened up an Etsy and I’m selling off some old clothing, you can also find my tome commissions on there.
Please help me out  Store is here I’ve been having a lot of issues with my job and I’m trying to stay away from straight out asking for money so If you could help me out and either order commissions or buy something from me ((I’ll be selling more things soon as well)) That would be swell!


This tutorial has been done to death, but I had all these photos of the process so I figured I’d share.

Freezer paper stencils:

Freezer paper is plastic coated on one side so when ironed on to fabric it sticks and later peels off without any residue (unless you heat it too much I guess). It’s great for painting where you won’t be using a lot of water/runny paint - water will lift the paper off your fabric and screw things up. It’s best used with dry brushing.

Now, to avoid making this long post any longer, I have captioned the images with the steps to this process.

I used acrylic paints with fabric medium in case anyone was wondering.


After so many have asked and taken interest. I am opening up Keyblade commissions. The prices are a little high though but all keyblades are made from scratch, painted by hand and will be as game accurate as possible. Some of the more expensive ones require resin casting, LED’s, difficult sculpts, other materials different from the norm or other things of that nature which is why they are priced that high. I will not be making Kingdom Keys because you can find that keyblade anywhere.

I am also accepting custom keyblades, if you have a design for one and wish for me to make it for you then add it to the form below when you message me and we can talk about a price for it! All keyblades are able to be in different variants as well such as Timeless River and Tron world variants (Tron will cost more cause they require LED lights).

Please message me on Facebook if you wish to commission me.

Please fill out this info below before sending a message.

Other: (Custom or not, anything else you’d like to add)

I only accept payments through Paypal, my email is

I will have five slots open at once and Andrew is also willing to take five slots as well, in total 10 slots for keyblade commissions.



So I’m opening commissions!!! As of now i’ll be taking in commissions for BIG tulle skirts, perfect for formal events, princess cosplays, or just for your pleasure. These skirts are 100+ yards of fabric so they are VERY big. You get to pick your own colors!!!

One color - $95
Two colors - $115
Custom cosplay underskirt ((such as the underskirt to Sapphire’s dress)) - $120
add ons
 train $10
flowers $15
lights $30

I am only opening 5 SLOTS until August 1st 2015 so please message me on tumblr or email at Tell me that you are interested and if you have any questions let me know. I will ask for your measurements as well.
I will hopefully be able to give you a tracking number…
I will be shipping out these skirts from GA in vacuum bags 

How long will it take?
I will need a week to receive the materials for your skirt and 1 or 2 more weeks to complete your skirt. and hopefully it will only be 4 or 5 days for it to get shipped to you :)

Why the price???????????
The tulle fabric alone is around 50 bucks, plus packing and shipping… and its around 26 hours of labor to complete this big o skirt.

1. Cinderella
2.Light Blue

Here a video of me making a skirt HERE 

Please message me if you have any more questions. Thank you <3


My friend Jake is in need of commissions!

As you can see, Jake is an amazing costume designer and really works hard to make each costume perfect. He just started putting up commissions, please take this into consideration when planning for your next cosplay! 

These are examples from Homestuck, however he will create just about anything from any show, comic, anime, etc. 

You can contact Jake here: 


kik: pageofh0pe

Social Networking: tumblr / instagram


Hey guys, I ran into a car yesterday while driving my dad’s car and damaged it a little bit (because I’m a shit new driver) so I have to take one more cosplay commission to pay it off.

If you want something made for end of summer or early fall - please contact me via my website.

If you don’t need anything - I’d appreciate a signal boost.


Shinjaninja Cosplay Commissions Post!!!

I will be opening up cosplay commissions!!! I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years and have had a lot of experience making a wide range of costumes, and would love to do business with you. If you’re interested or have any questions, please visit my rules page before submitting a request form to fill a slot! Still have questions? Feel free to shoot me an ask or send me an email at! All costumes featured above were completely made by me, save for Eren’s brown skirt and 3DMG. 



Slots open:

1. utsuge

2. chatterparrot/cuckoobanaynays

3. andtheheir

4. djomiy


There’s still one slot left!


DRAMAtical Murder: Allmate Kigurumi Commissions




Hello! This is long overdue, but my girlfriend (Pomatos) and I are now open to take commissions for kigus. Since winter cons (and cold weather in general) are just around the corner, why not be cuddled up as an allmate of your choice! As of now, we’ve got official looks for Ren and Beni (pictured above). We are currently in the process of designing and making samples of the others.

As for quality, each kigu is made with 100% polyester fleece and it is a one-size-fits-all. The hood is lined with a cotton fabric. Any alterations you need that differentiate from a typical kigurumi, feel free to let us know and we can definitely work with you! All kigus are machine washable.

Ren: $60 (plus $10 for collar accessory)
Beni: $80 (plus $10 for rosary accessory)
All other allmates: $60-$90 (prices can/will be negotiated since we’re unsure of fabric amount needed/anything extra)

Shipping: $13 (additional shipping charges for anyone international)

We use Paypal. Please make all payments to:

Turn-Around Time & Refunds:
Your kigurumi will be made and shipped within 3-4 weeks of received payment. If you need a rushed order, we will work with you. If you find anything damaged or flawed with your purchase, a prompt refund/repairs/a new kigu will be given as soon as possible.

Please message me or Pomatos for more information and we’ll do the best we can to fit your needs! We’re mostly doing these for experience and fun, but also for a little extra bill/rent money.

|| models: toastie, pomatos, @ myself ||


I’m really sorry about the bad quality photo, but I just wanted to let you guys know that urmangottlieb and I are strapped for cash really badly right now (like, we aren’t sure how we’re gonna get next months rent) so were opening up commissions. We specialize in Sailor Scouts and School uniforms, but if you have something else you’d like made feel free to message me. If you’re interested in the sailor scout cosplays specifically then you can buy by messaging me, or from my Etsy (Where I also sell Newt sleeves). We would really appreciate it if you guys helped us out by buying stuff. Thanks!