cosplay commissions


graphic design is my passion
hey guys! im opening commissions for the first time and there are currently 5 slots to be filled! prices will probably increase in the future as im still learning some stuff haha. i would love to draw ur ocs and make some cool stuff for you guys! hope you like my art


Sketch Paintings
-$7 per character
-$2 Simple BG
-$5 complex bg

-$15 starting character
-$10 each additional character
-$2 simple BG
-$5 complex BG
-$10 Portraits


Cosplay Designs
-$3 Concept Sketch
-$8 Detailed Turnaround

Note: prices are STARTING PRICES!! they will vary depending on how complex your order is. im definitely willing to try new stuff or new styles! this is not all i can do, just some examples. feel free to contact me with any questions!

Contact: Tumblr

prestotinao asked:

(1) I order from FM-Anime a lot! I've commissioned 3 cosplays from them and bought two wigs. For cosplays, the longest I've waited is 6 months if you're doing a commission without giving them any date that you need it by. If you want to get something quick and on time, make sure you give them a "convention" date. It doesn't even have to be the exact date of the con. Just whenever you want it. One of my costumes + its wig took 6 days to ship and arrive (after it was done being made of course.)

(2) And it arrived about a week before the date I gave them. Their wigs are nice, but they require a lot of styling, so I wouldn’t recommend them for people who don’t know how to style. Overall, though, if you message FM-Anime, and you tell them when you need something, 99% of the time they will try to work with you.

Thanks for clearing things up! We’ve heard a lot of things about FM-Anime, some good, some bad. For those interested in some of the stuff they sell, remember communication is key!


This tutorial has been done to death, but I had all these photos of the process so I figured I’d share.

Freezer paper stencils:

Freezer paper is plastic coated on one side so when ironed on to fabric it sticks and later peels off without any residue (unless you heat it too much I guess). It’s great for painting where you won’t be using a lot of water/runny paint - water will lift the paper off your fabric and screw things up. It’s best used with dry brushing.

Now, to avoid making this long post any longer, I have captioned the images with the steps to this process.

I used acrylic paints with fabric medium in case anyone was wondering.


Hey guys, I ran into a car yesterday while driving my dad’s car and damaged it a little bit (because I’m a shit new driver) so I have to take one more cosplay commission to pay it off.

If you want something made for end of summer or early fall - please contact me via my website.

If you don’t need anything - I’d appreciate a signal boost.


Now Open for Cosplay Commissions!

So I have been asked a couple times wether or not I take commissions. Well here is my official post! 

  • I am taking costume as well as wig commissions.
  • I have sewn for other people before so this is not a first time for me.
  • Since I am in the process of moving I Will NOT be able to start commissions until Mid October (so depending on how complicated the cosplay I won’t be able to have it done soon. Closest is probably Ohayocon or Katsu depending on how complicated it is.)
  • I’m only opening limited slots. I’ll determine how many by how complicated requests are.
  • All payment will be done via paypal and I Will NOT charge you/expect payment until I’m ready to start your cosplay. ( arrangements discussed via email.)
  • Cost, shipping, etc. will be disscussed on a case to case basis.
  • If you are interested please contact me

If you are interested in seeing more of my work please either check out my facebook page or my cosplay tag here on tumblr. Signal boosts are always appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you! 


Shinjaninja Cosplay Commissions Post!!!

I will be opening up cosplay commissions!!! I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years and have had a lot of experience making a wide range of costumes, and would love to do business with you. If you’re interested or have any questions, please visit my rules page before submitting a request form to fill a slot! Still have questions? Feel free to shoot me an ask or send me an email at! All costumes featured above were completely made by me, save for Eren’s brown skirt and 3DMG. 



Slots open:

1. utsuge

2. chatterparrot/cuckoobanaynays

3. andtheheir

4. djomiy


There’s still one slot left!


DRAMAtical Murder: Allmate Kigurumi Commissions




Hello! This is long overdue, but my girlfriend (Pomatos) and I are now open to take commissions for kigus. Since winter cons (and cold weather in general) are just around the corner, why not be cuddled up as an allmate of your choice! As of now, we’ve got official looks for Ren and Beni (pictured above). We are currently in the process of designing and making samples of the others.

As for quality, each kigu is made with 100% polyester fleece and it is a one-size-fits-all. The hood is lined with a cotton fabric. Any alterations you need that differentiate from a typical kigurumi, feel free to let us know and we can definitely work with you! All kigus are machine washable.

Ren: $60 (plus $10 for collar accessory)
Beni: $80 (plus $10 for rosary accessory)
All other allmates: $60-$90 (prices can/will be negotiated since we’re unsure of fabric amount needed/anything extra)

Shipping: $13 (additional shipping charges for anyone international)

We use Paypal. Please make all payments to:

Turn-Around Time & Refunds:
Your kigurumi will be made and shipped within 3-4 weeks of received payment. If you need a rushed order, we will work with you. If you find anything damaged or flawed with your purchase, a prompt refund/repairs/a new kigu will be given as soon as possible.

Please message me or Pomatos for more information and we’ll do the best we can to fit your needs! We’re mostly doing these for experience and fun, but also for a little extra bill/rent money.

|| models: toastie, pomatos, @ myself ||


I’m really sorry about the bad quality photo, but I just wanted to let you guys know that urmangottlieb and I are strapped for cash really badly right now (like, we aren’t sure how we’re gonna get next months rent) so were opening up commissions. We specialize in Sailor Scouts and School uniforms, but if you have something else you’d like made feel free to message me. If you’re interested in the sailor scout cosplays specifically then you can buy by messaging me, or from my Etsy (Where I also sell Newt sleeves). We would really appreciate it if you guys helped us out by buying stuff. Thanks!


Northwest Fan Fest starts for us tomorrow and while we’re helping run a lot of the costuming content, we are also sponsoring the Cosplay Repair Station!

It will be set up in SUB room 211 (also the changing room) all weekend. Everything is free to use while you are in the room! No tools are to leave the room at any time.

Captioned on the images are the items we have stocked! Please pass this information to any cosplayers you know who are attending!

A lot of really important news in one text post

I’m sorry I can’t make it shorter— my phone doesn’t do read more

Okay, here’s the gist, John and I are fucked for money.
“But Isa, aren’t you always?” No. Not this bad.
See, the thing about moving is that there are ~*~moving fees~*~ which means just about everyone is out to get you.
The new place wants first, second, and last months’ rent, the old place needs last month’s rent, the old electric needs bill, the new electric needs start up fee, the old internet needs paid, new internet needs start up fee, new water bill needs fee, etsy’s being a whiney bitch and closed our account over $15 that could, quite frankly, be used in other more important places
Oh, and I’m back at school full time and they cut John’s hours from full to part time.

Basically we’re a wreck.
We owe about $1,200 now, (as opposed to a whopping fugging $3,000) and we have about $300
Oh god we need $900.

I would open the etsy, but the truth is that we don’t have money for materials to make the things people like. (I make $4/print. Not that many people want a picture of this face)

So we’re going to do what we do best— open back up ~*~COSPLAY COMMISSIONS~*~

Basically, send ANY amount of money to via paypal and a prompt and we’ll do it
Now, keep in mind, quality depends on cost and the person who asks for a $.05 Destiel won’t get the same quality as a $50 Destiel, but we’re proud of our work so put your URL in the paypal comments as well and we’ll attach your name to the post as well
(You may have noticed that there are quite a bit of followers on this and John’s blog. Can’t hurt to have your name attached to a quality post plaguing the internet now can it? ;D)
This works for fanfic writers too— for a good price we’re more than happy to read and reenact your smuttysmutty fic, just leave a link and we’ll take it from there

We’ll be heading over to a public internet source soon so I can pay our internet bill and get started on commissions as soon as possible
Pleasepleaseplease dig down real deep into your pockets and find a quarter or dollar to throw at our faces
Every little bit REALLY DOES HELP and it physically pains me to have to make these posts.

Desperate times though



Thank you guys so much for your wonderful support!
If you still wanted a picture or two for a dollar or so you can still use this method, but we will not NOT NOT NOT accept any more charity!!!

We really just want to stand on our feet, nothing luxurious




Hello hello~ I’m Yummi and I’m in need of money for future cosplays and other financial needs, so I’m opening up commissions!

I’m willing to:

  • make full cosplays
  • make parts of cosplay
  • make props
  • style wigs
  • sew dolls
  • whatever floats your boat dude as long as it’s cosplay/fandom-related
  • except shoes I will not make shoes

You can check my cosplay, cosplay progress, and sewing shenanigans tags for more things that I have made!

Prices won’t be too high–I will tell you the materials+labor cost once I have a definite order and will hopefully be able to get you the shipping cost too. While I have little control over the materials cost, the labor cost will depend on the complexity of the cosplay and how much time it will take to make it.

Also! I’m a senior and it’s currently college app season SO! Please PLEASE tell me if you have a time limit! I can make cosplays rather quickly but I’ll need to know plenty in advance since I’ll be busy with apps and school. Please send me a commission request at least a month before the con or whatever you  need it for.

EDIT: If you have to have your cosplay anytime before November then please look at another cosplay-commissioner or know that I’m going to charge you extra. I got several requests with the deadline around then.

If you’re interested in commissioning me please send me a message (off anon of course) on tumblr with the character you’re interested in cosplay and its fandom, what you want me to make for that cosplay, your zip code (country if outside America), when you’ll need it by and how you plan to pay me. I have a Paypal!

If I refuse to make a commission for any reason I am dreadfully sorry and will explain myself u_u! There’s a high chance I won’t though!

If you can’t commission me please signal boost and I will love you!

Thanks a ton!

– Yummi


Openings for Wig Commissions!

That’s right! If you’re looking forward to those future summer cons and don’t feel comfortable styling your own wig, fear not! I’m here to help. Above are some examples of my best works so far. I’m really pumped to make awesome wigs for more awesome people.

Check out more information about my commission work on my website here:

I’m currently open for wigs and small costuming pieces (shoes, accessories, masks, hoods, small props). I’m starting to make commissions full time, so any reblogging is greatly appreciated!

If you are in the Las Vegas area and you’d like a bigger costume piece done you can also message me on the site above about estimates.

*Leon Wig photo by DrDeranged/ Cosplayer: Dragoon3060
*Bilbo Wig photo by Swoz/ Cosplayer: Toki
*Link Wig photo by CosIt/ Cosplayer: Aaron of