cosplay chest armor

Alrighty! part 5!!  here is  [part 1] [part 2] [Part 3] [part 4] [part 6]

So the chest armor (and shoulder armor) is in three tears.

first being the shoulder armor, neck guard, and the plate on the back. the shoulder armor connects to the neck guard, and holds the plate on the back. And speaking of the plate on the back, it looks like its in two parts, with the symbol of kirkwall on it. (for the sake of my sanity though i might make it one whole piece though)

Underneath all that is the vest’ it seems to be a simple leather vest,  it covers the whole back but plunges upward in the front to reveal the piece bellow, i think that its connected in the front by a clasp. the only thing i found a little weird is the two random buckles on the front, they dont seem to do anything but enhance the vests aesthetics.

underneath all of that!!  is the chest plate which is pretty simple and has the symbol of kirkwall on the front. i had to guess with the straps, and now that i think about it; i think the straps that connect at the lowwer side actually connect in an X shape to the straps on the shoulder. or something like that (not quite sure)

the back plate i think is a plate of metal with fabric (or leather) stretched over it

Alright up next is the helmet!, should be able to get that done pretty quickly…

let me know what i can improve on, and yeah i know this one was kind long (sorry not sorry)

Ps: also theres a few of you who have liked everything ive done so far, and i just wanna say thank you!

Dark Souls black knight update!  I’ve been working on the helmet and collar, which are turning out to be quite tricky.
The helmet is black worbla.  Now that I’m working on something larger with this material, I’m starting to see why a lot of people have complained about it not being as sticky as the brown worbla.  I will probably reinforce the seams on the inside with some brown worbla.  To get the right aspect ratio, the helmet is a few inches taller than my actual head, so there will be extra padding in the top.  And of course, I will be adding horns.

The collar will need some work when the helmet is done.  I think it has to be slightly wider to accommodate the helmet, although it’s not as tight of a fit as it appears in this picture (the mannequin has no neck).  Also, you may have noticed that right now, the spikes are asymmetric.  That is because I can’t make up my mind whether I want them to be really tall and pointy (right side), or have them be shorter and flare out (left side).  Which one is accurate depends on the reference photo.