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I am truly glad I came to this town and met you, senpai.

Finally some megane bishoujo, I’ve said it many times but Kyoukai no Kanata is really one of my favorite animes and holds a special place in my heart <3 My first time working with @lifestylebylovi too and it was super fun and she is super talented so please go give her lots of love! 


Kuriyama Mirai - @birthbysleeping
Photography - @lifestylebylovi

Cosplay Mood Board: Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata)

“I’m not alive because I can’t die. Because… because you’re here, I have a reason to live.”

Saw those cosplay mood boards going around and thought I’d make a few. My Mirai Kuriyama cosplay, from Kyoukai no Kanata. ;w; I still love this anime & this costume~


So, after watching episode 9 of despair and seeing Imposter and what he really looked like I almost jumped out of my seat. I stared at him and thought “holy shit he’s beautiful” and quickly after thought “wait…he looks just like me!”

So I quickly went to test my theory, I straighten my very fluffy hair (which took a while…) and took off my glasses. A few pictures taken later and I realised, I look exactly like the imposter.

There’s an amazing feeling when you realize you look exactly like your favourite danganronpa character of all time.


Kyoukai No Kanata (or Beyond the Boundary)

Photographer: Me
Mirai: Harumi Mingoa

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Sorry for the late upload, Taken Oct. 2, 2017 at SM Megamall at Ozine Fest TokuSpirits 2k17.

Introduction ✨

Amber | 15 | Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈| Capricorn | Cosplayer 💕 I’m female. Pronouns : she/her 💜 Things I love: • Anime • Japan •Cute goth clothes • Animals • Pierce The Veil •Bring Me The Horizon •Falling In Reverse •BlackPink •BTS •Some rap • Some pop • Victorian Era • Final Fantasy • Borderlands • Overwatch • Idols • Cosplay • Conventions • Loyal peeps •Strawberries •Raspberries •my friends •the Hardy Boyz Things I dislike: • bullies • disloyal peeps •Alexa bliss stand (they’re cancerous) • ppl who talk about you behind your back (There’s more things I dislike but) Top 10 fave animes: 1. Diabolik Lovers 2. Black Butler 3. Yuri On Ice 4. Mirai Nikki 5. Love Live 6. Keijo 7. Owari No Seraph 8. Sailor Moon 9. Naruto 10. Idolm@ster Faves: 1. Kanato Sakamaki & Ayato Sakamaki (Dbl) 2. Alois Trancy (BB) 3. Yuuri Katsuki & Yuri Plisetsky (yoi) 4. Nozomi Tojo (Love Live) 5. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) 6. Krul Tepes (ONS) 7. Natsuki & Ranko (Idolm@s CG) 🌸🌸🌸 If there’s anything you’d like to know about me just ask!! Btw ,, if you want to talk just message me! I love meeting new people! 💖 Social Medias : Twitter : @smoltojo (main acct) @edgyputa (private acct) Instagram: @smoltojo I’m not really that into social media believe it or not haha that’s why I don’t have many social media apps. But, I’m planning on making a Facebook page for my cosplays and as well as a separate Instagram for my cosplays. 🌟

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