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So. More selfies. Of my cosplay. Boom. Ol’ Lyle still needs his clipboard. And a sign that says ‘Bang’! Am I right? ‘Course I’m right. Bam. Oh! And dig Lyle’s plush toy and pouch. Of himself. What? You’re tellin’ me ya don’t have a plush toy and pouch of yourself? You’re bustin’ my chops here. AB-SO-LUTE-LY BUSTIN’ THESE PUPPIES! But me? I digress. This costume? Good stuff. In fact…I give it a rating of…1,000,000 points! Bang.


More work in progress photos of my Sticks(Sonic Boom) cosplay. A photo of the tail, the “suit”, and a progress photo of the paws/gloves. The suit is actually a two piece one. And what I mean by that is that it’s actually just a form fitting, long sleeved shirt made from the short pile fur I’m using, and leggings attached to a pair of athletic shorts I had lying around, because I am human being and humans have these things called bladders. The skirt is going to cover up the shorts and the bottom part of the “shirt”, obviously.

Aside from needing to attach a zipper to the back of the “shirt”, and finishing the paws, I’m pretty much done with suit portion. All I really have left to do now is finish the head, and then make her top and skirt, and then make all the small accessories and other little details. Also, the orange fur is actually a lighter color in real life, the lighting just sucks.


The Most Stunning GLaDOS Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen 

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The Most Stunning GLaDOS Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen 

I have never watched Heroes of Cosplay, nor have I met Yaya myself, but I’ve certainly seen her name and her photos everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, this interview really hit home for me a lot of what makes cosplay such an engaging hobby for so many (and why everyone who wants to try should jump right in).

Cosplay Boom is a potential documentary series looking to positively portray our community and its many facets. You can read more about it and pledge to their kickstarter if you want to help make this show happen.

I really enjoyed the interview they did and would totally love to see more stuff like it! -Dan