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MeltingMirror Blog/Tutorial Directory

A compilations of all the blogs and tutorials I have done over the years. All in one place for easy browsing. Learn something new or sharpen an old skill.

GENERAL TUTORIALS: I often run cosplay panels at conventions, so here they are in blog format.

  • Wig Dyeing Methods: Learn about wig dyeing options and pick what works best for you. Includes a handy flow chart, sample photos, pros vs cons, and links to tutorials.
  • Pre-Planning your Cosplay: aka “6 things to consider before you start your cosplay.” Plan ahead to make sure you can make it to the convention and survive in costume

  • Cosplay on a Budget: aka “Controlling Cosplay Costs.” A summary of some cost saving tips when getting materials for your cosplay and tricks for savings while traveling to conventions.
  • Online Resources: Links to where I find my cosplay related materials online.

  • Cosplay Inventory: Includes advice on which items to keep stock of and how to track them. This is useful for saving money and to stop waste.
  • Fabric Swatch Book: An easy way to keep track of all that fabric you have accumulated over the years.
  • Keep it, Sell it, Trash it: aka “Cosplay Closet Purge.” Some advice on which costumes to keep, which are worth selling, and when to say goodbye.

SPECIALTY TUTORIALS:  Tips, tricks, step-by-steps, and specialized tutorials for those special projects.

OPINION / INSIGHT: I take a look at some hot button topics for cosplayers.

  • Share for Share, No Thanks: Reasons why I don’t partake in the Share for Share phenomenon on Facebook and why it is a problematic practice.

THROWBACK BLOGS : These blogs examine how the cosplay scene has changed over the years. Then vs. now, with lots of throwback photos, and some tips too.

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