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“…it’s me…” he smiled behind the mask, adjusting his seat. After a long briefing with his Lord, he was ready to speak to the sheep again. “I…hope I’m not interrupting anything…”


Cosplay (and general sewing) life hack- easy pleats with a fork! For all those school girl uniform cosplays and more :) 


“It does bring back memories…”

The latest episode was so cute!! I’m so happy to finally be seeing more of Sarada and Sakura! This scene reminded me of a shot we took back in January, I’d like to think they’ll come back together one day. Their first date spot actually looks just like the place we went on our first date so I’m very happy. <3


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When your true love is in Slytherin and you wanna win the house cup but you still love him desperately. ♥

Happy 20th Anniversary Harry Potter! To a series that’s been with us since we were little kids, it’s amazing to see how far the universe has expanded! Here’s a throwback to our SasuSaku HP AU that we wore to Wizarding World!


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Hey Sammy,It's me Bendy. Can you create a new music for me?


Sammy accidently tripped on his own heels when he attempted to get up and head out quickly-


He laid on the floor, feeling himself melt due to the subtle, eating feeling that he had let his Lord down…again…

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//Psst, do you have a headcanon for how Sammy used to look before turning into an ink monster? Asking just because I wanted to draw some funny DYS (draw your squad) stuff with the BATIM human characters and I love your blog, so I wanted to base Sammy's human look on your headcanon (if you have one). Sorry if I'm being annoying.

//this is some old art I drew back in July- this is my headcanon!

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What do you think of Henry?

“Henry?” He smiled, “I…don’t remember much about him. An old animator, mostly. He…had a pretty basic humor to him, I- wasn’t…the most fond of him.” He smiled, “….however, not sure what happened to him. Never found his body.’


“That’s why I’m able to ask you to carry my will…”

Surprise! Itachi and Shisui are our next cosplays. I don’t think many people expected to see these Uchihas from Uchiha Hotline but Kevin suggested it himself! He’ll be streaming Ninja Storm 4 as Shisui on our YT in a few minutes if you’d like to watch or play with him. :)


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Sammy would you like to join in a yoga prayer session in the name of our Lord in front of my shrine? It definitely allows one to relax into deeper worship.

“….I would love to attend, my sheep.” He smiled - it seemed that was exactly what he needed as well - to start his day

//can someone draw fanart-

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Sammy,did you know that norman is still in the studio?

“I do, as a matter of fact….it might’ve been me…and my Lord that brought him down there.” He gave a soft laugh- “However, it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen face to face…er….projector.”