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Okay, I’m a dingus and forgot to post this yesterday but I'm​ here at Anime North thus weekend. I’m not tabling or anything so if you see me walking around just shout!

I was Cosplaying Marcus Holloway yesterday and I’m gong as Isabela for today and tomorrow.



Hi guys! I totally get the kiss thirst XD however, we are just best friends and don’t feel comfortable with any actually kissing. There were a shit tonna kiss asks and we have some pretty funny ideas on how to respond so we will do the other kiss asks eventually but they will be fluff ones or staged ones. That being said, please don’t be expecting any hot makeout sessions XD sorry and thanks again for all the great asks! You guys are so creative we’re super grateful ^u^ 

- Admins))

Reset is a go!

Time for the Skaiapocalypse refresh!  

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this, we do have a lot more open spots seeing as how some cast has left and we have made a few changes. 

The first main change being the cast page is completely different! I worked really hard on it and I hope you all like it because no way in hell am I changing it back, just no. But personally I think it looks cool and I hope you do too!

As always auditions are always open! I’ll be making a post shortly after this one for people looking to audition so feel free to audition and/or ask questions through the askbox or PM me! I’m always up for talking with someone one on one!

Now as for the characters themselves, we have gotten rid of lands because it was just a mainly empty lot and we have a few of those already. BUT! To redeem for anyone who wanted to be a land we have made the felt secondary characters!!! That’s always exciting! 

Also speaking of characters a new secondary group has been added… *Drumroll* PROBLEM SLEUTH!!! Auditions are open for the problem sleuth characters now as well! So knock yourselves out there babs!

Hmm… What else.. Well of course the obvious all storylines are now reset, I’m not going to delete any posts don’t worry you can still go back and see your favorite cosplayers! This is just like a new.. Fanfiction! 

Yeah that’s what this is, it’s fanfiction, just another zombiestuck one. Same rules and everything, just with different outcomes. 

And remember, each ask you send can change the endgame for each character.

Choose your questions wisely.. 

~Mother-Fox Mod~

anonymous asked:

do you have any recommendations for blogs like yours that post cosplays and tutorials and whatnot? i'd like to follow more blogs like yours but i don't know where exactly to look!

Hi Anon! 

First - Check out our LINK PAGE! (Which needs to be updated :X) 

Second - Here are a few of our faves!! Some of these are Cosplay Tutorial type blogs and some are personal blogs that post a lot of cosplay things!!

I am SURE I left out some of my favorite blogs from this list…’s too early. ;) I hope this helps, anon!! 

<3 L2S Cosplay

new url, new masterlist

The good news is that my url now matches my Instagram. The bad news (for me at least) is that I have to make a new masterlist now. 


“Pretty” Makeup Tutorials

Note: In some of my older tutorials, I used products that were tested on animals. Since then, I have started switching over to cruelty-free products. Tutorials with a “💕 ″ next to them use cruelty-free products.

Hair Tutorials

SFX “Scary” Makeup Tutorials

Note: It’s safe to assume that all of the products in these tutorials are cruelty-free. As I understand, most SFX brands do not test on animals. 

Cosplay Makeup Tutorials

Other Cosplays (Not Tutorials) 

Note: These are cosplays that were either so simple or had already been done so many times (and done well) by other people that I didn’t feel like I needed to make a tutorial for them. These are just cool photos of cosplay projects I’ve done. 



Movies/Books/TV Shows

This list is constantly growing (especially now that I’m healthy again!) so let me know if you have a request! 

((ooc: okay so a few of you said you wanted a cosplay blog so here it is! I’m not sure how this will work out and since I’m in high school I might not have a ton of time until it’s summer but I’ll try my best

The point in the timeline is the beginning of senior year. One of the only differences from canon is that Connor’s alive.

So send me some asks and I’ll answer then when I can! They might not all have cosplay answers, (this is my first time running one of these so I still have to learn everything) but I’ll definitely cosplay if I have the time. I also have anxiety so there might be times where I’m not active? Idk just be patient with me))

“Uhm- hi? My name’s Evan. Feel free to ask questions or start conversations with me? ‘Cause I have a hard time initiating conversations due to my anxiety- but if you want to talk to me first that’s fine? It’s weird, I mean I have a hard time talking to people in general, but if someone talks to me first it’s slightly less hard? Maybe because then they might actually want to talk to me instead of me having the anxiety that they don’t want to if I talk to them first? S-sorry! I ramble when I’m nervous…”


STXCC was just about the best thing this year especiall6 because of the people I was with and the cosplay I was in (I have way more pics of me as Yuri than as Sora because my Victor is a lovely attention whore who wanted chingos of pics)