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Cosplay Status: Feb 2017

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day with Mystic Messenger studying for my calculus exam!

February Update!

I’m currently working on a makeup tutorial for Yuuri and Yoon Bum! I’ve almost finalized my Yuuri look, I just need time to film. Still looking around at shirts for the Yoon Bum cosplay, hopefully I’ll be able to stop by some second-hand stores in upcoming weekends since everything I’ve found on ebay is XL+……and I’m not XL+…………

On a side note, I will be cutting my hair soon! Which, on it’s own doesn’t sound dramatic, I should’ve said I’ll be donating my hair soon! Around 17-18in of it (my hair goes all the way down my back, and with college, I don’t time to maintain my beautiful flowing tresses). Hopefully this will help with some of the wig malfunctions I’ve had recently, and prepare me for the possibility that I might have boy-short hair by 2018 (personal preference, I like experimenting). There will be before and after pictures, because I’ll miss my mermaid hair…maybe..




Yuuri Katsuki!

…but not his…..eros costume….more like….

Yeah!! More like that!!

I was able to work with my wig/makeup/cosplay pieces and now I don’t have to spend money, hooray!! Operation Katsudon has begun! I’ll be posting some recent selfies of the cosplay soon, since I did a makeup/wig test today. If anyone else is doing a Yuri!!! On Ice cosplay I’d love to see pictures of your beautiful selves!!

To end a semi-long update, are there any makeup/build tutorials you want to see? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Anyone cosplaying at AggieCon or Austin WizardCon should hmu, I’d love to make some friends, or even group cosplay, check out my cosplay fam application!

Hey everyone, I seem to have lost something at Katsucon. Its a dark orange lanyard with “YWW UVA YOUNG WRITERS WORKSHOP” written on it, and it has my house-key, a library keyring card, and a stick of chapstick on it. Let me know if you find it or drop it off by the lost and found, please!! Id really also appreciate it if yall could spread this post around, the lanyard means a lot to me and Im really anxious about losing it.

an instagram has been made fro LucieBear Cosplay! 

I’m hopping to start posting a little more regularly (both on insta and tumblr) but after spending 6 hours working in the cold rain, I’m only getting sicker :(  this is delaying that makeup tutorial since I barely have enough energy to keep up with my school work (and I have 2 exams this week) but it will come out eventually, promise! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, mine was rough with work and freezing rain, but I got to spend the day with old and new friends, so I’d say it was a pretty good day, overall!

cosplay fam applications are open! [link for more information]

new url, new masterlist

The good news is that my url now matches my Instagram. The bad news (for me at least) is that I have to make a new masterlist now. 


“Pretty” Makeup Tutorials

Note: In some of my older tutorials, I used products that were tested on animals. Since then, I have started switching over to cruelty-free products. Tutorials with a “💕 ″ next to them use cruelty-free products.

Hair Tutorials

SFX “Scary” Makeup Tutorials

Note: It’s safe to assume that all of the products in these tutorials are cruelty-free. As I understand, most SFX brands do not test on animals. 

Cosplay Makeup Tutorials

Other Cosplays (Not Tutorials) 

Note: These are cosplays that were either so simple or had already been done so many times (and done well) by other people that I didn’t feel like I needed to make a tutorial for them. These are just cool photos of cosplay projects I’ve done. 



Movies/Books/TV Shows

This list is constantly growing (especially now that I’m healthy again!) so let me know if you have a request!