cosplay at ren fair

Taako Tuesday, seafaring edition~ 🌊💀✨  He’s good at looting, after all~

I went back to NY Renaissance Faire this past weekend. The theme was pirates, so I gathered stuff from my closet to make a pirate outfit for Taako :D I didn’t take as many pictures from my second trip to ren faire since I was mostly showing my family around, but check out this awesome shot my cousin got of me :) 


Went to Ren Faire today in my Rapunzel coostume! (Disney Bound? lol)

When I debuted it two years ago, it didn’t really garner any attention. But today, tons of people recognized who I was supposed to be. (There were also a bunch of other Disney characters all throughout the Faire, too, so it was fun spotting them.) Someone even stopped me and asked to take my picture! The best part was probably the little kids watching me with awe, though.


I went to the New York Renaissance Fair 9/12/1015. I procrastinated so hard that I made my outfit in a week! My mother assembled the clothes, because she’s awesome. I went as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a Keyblade of the Key to Erebor. I thought it was an awesome crossover. 😉 Everyone at the fair loved my outfit. People asked for pictures, wanted to hold my Keyblade, and asked what the hell it was. Haha! I picked up he bracers at the fair. I didn’t have my own, or the time to make them.