cosplay at ren fair


I went to the Fishers Renaissance Faire yesterday!

Master Assassin and his Halfling apprentices.

We took my daughter and her friend to the last Ren Faire of the year today (mine’s the possessed looking one in the pink). My daughter is wearing faire bought garb. Her friend is in a cowl and tabard that was my first solo garb project. I designed and sewed it myself, with basically no prior experience. Rather proud of it. I’m in a combo of purchased leather gear and a joint project between my wife and I.


I went to the New York Renaissance Fair 9/12/1015. I procrastinated so hard that I made my outfit in a week! My mother assembled the clothes, because she’s awesome. I went as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a Keyblade of the Key to Erebor. I thought it was an awesome crossover. 😉 Everyone at the fair loved my outfit. People asked for pictures, wanted to hold my Keyblade, and asked what the hell it was. Haha! I picked up he bracers at the fair. I didn’t have my own, or the time to make them.