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I'm trying to get some Homestuck cosplay ready, but I'm not sure if it's better to just paint my arms (because the paint comes out on everything) or wear arm socks (which I don't know how to make). Which one would be better?

Hello there!

I always recommend armsocks. Some people make them by hand, and some make them on a machine (using a cardboard form to sew around). Here’s a list of the armsock tutorials we have compiled.

Armsocks will always be safer and more secure in a con setting. If doing a shoot, water-activated body paint will create a more realistic look than armsocks, though you still need to make sure you seal it well. (I’ve worn this on my arms in a con setting, and while I didn’t have issues, it is 100% not something I’d recommend.) If you wanted to paint your arms for a con setting, alcohol activated paint is really the only way to go, but it’s much more expensive and difficult to use than other forms of paint.

When wearing armsocks, be sure to either create a wrist escape or pack several pairs of plastic gloves so that you can eat and use the restroom without having to remove the armsocks entirely. Simply put on the gloves and then dispose when you are finished and use a fresh pair next time. 

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

SU Gem & Homestuck Troll Cosplayers!

(and any other cosplays that require unnatural skin tones and lots of body paint for that matter)

I’m considering cosplaying Blue Pearl soon so started looking up the items I will need, and came across this really useful find on amazon uk!

These morphsuits/zentai suits/bodysocks come in a huge range of colours, and they offer a made-to-measure option at no extra cost! Just £23.49 with free UK delivery, which is a pretty reasonable price. This colour is absolutely perfect for Blue Pearl, and the goose grey looks like it would work well for troll cosplay! Lots of the colours look suitable for many of the gems.

With a little simple sewing I’m sure the head could be easily removed, then all you’d have to do is paint your face, and you have yourself a simple, practically mess-free cosplay! (though using the bathroom at a con might be a challenge…)

If I decide to go ahead and purchase this suit I’ll be sure to update this post with a review!



Here are some of the examples of armsocks I can make guys. Due to me having to sew all of them by hand and that includes having to burn myself every time I’m hot gluing the nails on, I’m going to be raising the price slightly and make them an even number.

  • Plain - $50
  • Nails - $60
  • Claws - $70

These prices do, however include shipping to the U.S.! If you live out of the United States though, there will be an additional $10 to cover those extra costs. If you are interested in commissioning me then please send me an ask with the following information. I do need at least a month or so in advance to give me time to order the tights and have them shipped to me since there’s nowhere locally that I can get them in the right colors. Otherwise, I’ll have to charge a rush fee.

  • What color tights you need as well as the size.
  • When you need them by
  • Where you live so I can calculate the shipping
  • If you want nails/claws

Also, just to be clear, I only cut and sew the fingers and usually do so to the size of my hands. You will be cutting the hole for your head yourself. This is because if I did it for me, it wouldn’t fit you properly. I have a large bust and have to cut mine to accommodate for that. But I have tutorials over here for you to follow.

Any and all payments must be paid upfront because I cannot work on anything until it’s been paid for.

If you have any questions then feel free to message me!! If its about a possible trade, I want to warn that I’ll be fairly picky with what I’m willing to trade for.

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Can you give us the instructions on how you made that awesome vriska arm?

I followed this arm sock tutorial (minus the nails)

then I looked at this

using that as a reference, I drew the dark lines on with sharpie

And then I used white and gray fabric paint to do highlights (go as thin as you can with the paint, if you get too much it will crack when you take it off and put it on)

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When working with bodypaint, how do you match colors between face (ben nye, snazz, etc.) and body (PAX, armsocks)? Do you start with one or another and match the other to it? What works for you? Thanks!

Here are the list of things you use to change your skin, from hardest color to change to easiest:

Since these are usually made from a pair of tights, you’re stuck either finding the perfect shade of tights (CAN BE TOUGH) or dyeing them, which we have not attempted to do before (thin delicate fabrics + high poly stretch content = questionable in theory)

Waterbase Makeup (Mehron, Kryolan, Snazz)
You can totally mix these (see Yaexrae’s tutorial) but it requires buying and planning ahead.  When we mix up a new batch of mehron gray it can take from 1-2 weeks for it to fully set.  Liquifying the gray also brings out slight blue tones, and I’ve experienced this with other waterbase paints (tones shifting) so you have to be able to mix in tiny amounts of other correcting waterbase.

Creambase Makeup
Much much faster and more true to color than waterbase.  See the original homestuck tutorial by Hanyaan.  This can be done in a few minutes and from working with several colors of Ben Nye, they stay true to their original colors all throughout mixing.  

Because PAX = Pros-Aide (which is colorless) + Liquitex Paint, it is literally the easiest to customize the color of.  The best way I’ve found is to mix the acrylic first and swatch a tiny patch on your hand, then mix in the appropriate amount of ProsAide for the consistency you want.

In terms of getting everything to match, figure out what you’re using, then start at the topmost part of the list and work your way down.  Always purchase/make/figure out the MOST DIFFICULT TO CHANGE thing first, and then adapt the other parts to that.  This is a good rule of thumb for matching pieces cosplay in general.

For example, for Ruby, she has a very distinct skin color that is somewhere between ‘common’ fashion colors of fuchsia and watermelon.  I knew I needed to do armsocks (since I had to buy tights anyway) and since I wanted this to be a quick change outfit, wanted to do Ben Nye face paint.  So I started with the tights.  FINDING THESE WAS AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE, and I ended up buying and returning 7-8 pairs before finding a pair that was correct.  So as always give yourself time.  Once I had my tights/armsocks, I could use those to find face paint.  In Ruby’s case I was lucky enough to find one that was a great match as-is, but if I couldn’t, I would have bought two or three pots and mixed the creme to match the tights fabric.

This is so fucking surreal just like

As a survivor of the Homestuck-pocalypse 2k11, watching Steven Universe take off the ground the way it has and grow into this massive following that almost completely mirrors Homestuck is just phenomenal to watch. And looking back at the stuff I’ve done, cosplaywise, for the show and how many people are following me and like me and know me and look up to me because of it is mindblowing. I’ve had people recognize me in convenience stores while shopping for cosplays because of the Steven Universe stuff I do. I had a lady ask me to sign a picture of my Opal cosplay for her kids. I’ve had people flipping out about me in the middle of a convention hallway and nearly hyperventilate in front of me, and people continuously telling me that they use my tutorials and they think i’m an inspiration, in the middle of a contest that we’re both entered in.

And I’m sitting back here thinking of the people I’ve been able to meet because of it. Jeremy Shada, Estelle, Rebecca Sugar herself, Zach. Watching all of the bodypaint cosplays and questions about armsock tutorials and wigs and basically everything about everything for these wicked ass characters. Its like watching the rise of the Homestuck fandom all over again, honestly it really is.

And I’m so glad I was able to be as big a part of it in the beginning as I am now, and Its kind of overwhelming because I know a good majority of the people reading this right now started following me for something Steven U related, and that gets to me so much. LIke the fact that there are so many people that look up to me for this stuff when I’m just some nerd that likes making clothes and pretending to be other people.

I’m so grateful for Steven Universe and how its played a part in my life. I’m so glad that pursuing out of the box cosplays has turned me into an inspiration for people. I hope I can continue to do all of this great stuff and continue to be an inspiration to people in the future.