cosplay appreciation day

albinaamur  asked:

How did you that cute plushie of gaster?

How did I made the Gaster plushie? <:0
I hand-made it by myself! X3

Also, if anybody else is wondering, I don’t have him in my room anymore because I gave him away after the convention day to a friend of mine as a birthday present ww

He’s happy at his new home huehue


Today is Cosplay Appreciation Day, and each year I like to focus on a different aspect of cosplay to appreciate. (2013, 2012) This year I’d like to highlight some of my absolute favorite photos that have been taken by my wonderful friends who I’m so lucky indulge me with their photography skills!

Most of these I chose because of their artistic expression. Cosplay photography is really an ART. Of course, it’s so hard to just pick 10! Especially after 10 years of cosplaying. However, in the Read More I’ve written a bit about why I like each particular photo! Many have great memories attached to them! So shout out to all my lovely photog friends! I love you guys, for more than just your photography– you’re all great! <3

All Photographers are captioned!

Thank you all, as always, for your support and all that jazz! I look forward to many more years of cosplaying with my friends ^___^

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Repost version 5.02: Things that have happened in the TRG and LP community this year(FINAL VERSION)

I’m reposting the list(again). Message me if I missed any.

  1. ProtonJon is a classy hobo
  2. The Versus channel being made
  3. ProtonJon Cosplay Appreciation Post
  4. ProtonJon Appreciation Day
  5. Both ProtonJon AND Chuggaaconroy ass appreciation posts
  7. ProtonPuns(AKA ProtonWhat)
  8. ThingxStuff
  9. Meet the Timstones
  10. Jake becoming a meme
  11. Josh is a Clam 
  12. Tyler is Barney the dinosaur
  13. TheRunwayGuys
  15. Naked Patrick
  16. Tyler FINALLY winning a versus(and winning two mini versus)
  17. Emile’s not boner
  18. JoshJepson photo war
  19. Flower crowns with Jake and others
  20. Josh with cooking
  21. Josh’s vlogs
  22. Tim’s Pokemon LP finally starting
  23. Jake, Masae and Lucah on TRG
  24. Tyler’s Loser Challenge for Mario 64 versus.
  25. Emile being a sweetheart giving Stephen and Mal gifts worth over $1000.
  26. JonTron leaving the GameGrumps
  27. University of JoshJepson(and everything else)
  28. Josh is 4.
  29. Jake is 4.0
  30. Josh is still 4.
  31. Emile trying to convert Jon from Canadian to an American.
  32. Jon finally getting stars in a chance time in MP3
  33. Tim winning Mario Party 3(technically)
  34. Chuggaaconroy puns
  35. PenguinConroy
  36. Emile hit 700,000 subscribers as of 10-6-13.
  37. Emile’s ass being appreciated. Again. 
  38. Runawaniacs

This has been a GREAT year(mostly) in the LP community. Let’s see what happens in 2014!!

I’ve been going to comic conventions for about 20 years now, and one of the things I’ve noticed through the years is the ever increasing amount of people that cosplay. It’s something that I feel is never truly appreciated by con-goers, something that is taken for granted, even. Why do I say this? Because people like to bitch and complain about how aisle traffic getting slowed down, or that they’re not real fans or that they don’t even know who they’re dressed as.

This kind of ignorance always bothered me. Why? Because, well, LOOK at the costumes. Look at the level of craftsmanship there. Look at how much they care about getting the look right. Look at the creativity. There’s an obvious LOVE for the character that they’re dressing up as. It takes a lot of time to create these costumes, and it takes a lot of guts to wear them in that hot convention floor, and stopping to get photographed can get tedious…but they do it because it makes the con experience a lot more fun for them, and for us.

I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know, and becoming friends with a good number of folks who cosplay. They’re amazing people, ridiculously talented and passionate about their hobby.

So when you see a cosplayer at a con, take the time to appreciate their work, and tell them how much you enjoy it!