cosplay appreciation day


Oh it’s Cosplay Appreciation Day? Well, I must say… this is my favorite cosplayer in the whole world. (Although I love a lot of you, to be sure.)
I really appreciate everything Jon does and contributes to the world, and his Austria cosplay is one of the most wonderful I’ve ever seen. For an ACMS major with a minor in math, he may seem an unlikely candidate for artistic expression aside from writing and beautiful equations; however, cosplay has become one of his most creative ventures and I have to say he does so with effortless eloquence. But maybe I’m completely biased because he’s the love of my life ♥

if anyone can help me find affordable cosplay stuff for Sombra from Overwatch that would be really helpful !

Thanks for doing this Belle, and happy Cosplay Appreciation Day. This is myself as Magneto and a really rad Rogue. I didn’t catch her name when she stopped me for a picture. Her friend was dressed as Storm and they were both awesome.

My costume was patterned by me based of the Age of X storyline before House of M. The costume was sewn by a friend because I have no sewing talent whatsoever. The helmet was a rough resin cast that I bondo’d, sanded, painted and primed.

Great job! Really love how the helmet came out. Thanks, magneticdestruction! If anyone know who the Rogue is, please tag her!

Levy Appreciation Days 2/3 - Brotp/Family and Headband I thought this picture did a wonderful job showing of the brotp between Levy and Lily. I just picture them sitting and venting their frustrations of the dense iron dragonslayer and then laughing about his antics! I did her headband slightly different when it comes to design, and I really like how it turned out!

I’ve been going to comic conventions for about 20 years now, and one of the things I’ve noticed through the years is the ever increasing amount of people that cosplay. It’s something that I feel is never truly appreciated by con-goers, something that is taken for granted, even. Why do I say this? Because people like to bitch and complain about how aisle traffic getting slowed down, or that they’re not real fans or that they don’t even know who they’re dressed as.

This kind of ignorance always bothered me. Why? Because, well, LOOK at the costumes. Look at the level of craftsmanship there. Look at how much they care about getting the look right. Look at the creativity. There’s an obvious LOVE for the character that they’re dressing up as. It takes a lot of time to create these costumes, and it takes a lot of guts to wear them in that hot convention floor, and stopping to get photographed can get tedious…but they do it because it makes the con experience a lot more fun for them, and for us.

I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know, and becoming friends with a good number of folks who cosplay. They’re amazing people, ridiculously talented and passionate about their hobby.

So when you see a cosplayer at a con, take the time to appreciate their work, and tell them how much you enjoy it!


So my dashboard tells me it’s Cosplay Appreciation Day!

This hobby has been life-changing for me. I’ve learned so much, travelled so much, and met so many wonderful, fantastic friends through it! I’m proud to be a cosplayer!

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