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Taken 30 minutes apart, these photos show two very different women. One risked her country, her credibility and everything she loves to build a better future for her people. She didn’t succeed as well as she wanted, but everything turned out okay. The other risked her sanity and livelihood to build an experience her people would enjoy and speak of for years to come. She succeeded.

Sometimes I’m not really sure which is which, but I’m happy either way. Sometimes I forget how small I look without armour, weapons, make up. It’s also worth noting I have a mild concussion in the second photo and don’t remember it being taken. Woo, sword fights.

Grand Marshall Erin Westwood of Averland at Swordcraft Autumn Quest 2016 in Victoria, Australia. Photo by the fantastic @theprohobby

Just getting back from Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016. It was absolutely amazing - we did a soft launch of our new warband, The Royal Court of Chesterwick, which is based on 14th century England. We had a fabulous in-character camp and looked great. No dramas. Huge success.

I was working the whole event so didn’t have a huge amount of free time for fighting, but managed to sneak away and armor up for the final battle (pictured).

So many great moments, I don’t even know where to start! Time for a long sleep in a soft bed (and not a gradually deflating air mattress).

Happy Kuro Positivity Day!

Instead of thanking only certain people like last year I want to take this year’s Kuro Positivity Day as the opportunity to give a shout-out to everyone who contributes to the Kuro fandom in any way.

Thank you to everyone who…

…draws fanart

…writes fanfictions

…participates in role-plays

…cosplays or gives advice for cosplayers

…translates for others to understand certain things

…writes theories, analyses and shares their ideas about certain topics

…makes edits, GIFs, videos or provides us with pictures from the Kuro world

…gives us information and news (about Yana Toboso, the musical, the manga, the anime, merchandise, events,…)

…creates funny or cracky content for everyone to have a good laugh

…initiates or engages in discussions in forums, here on Tumblr or elsewhere

…takes time to be a part in this fandom in any positive way

…encourages others to be an active part in this fandom (through reviews, likes, reblogs, messages, replies,…)

Also, thank you very much to everyone who respects other people’s opinions even if they’re different from yours and to everyone who always remains friendly and respectful towards others.

Every single one of you is a part of this fandom, represents it and contributes to make it great. Thank you very much for all that! I wish you all a happy Kuro Positivity Day! <3

So what I’m getting at is that people are pissed off bc Johnlock didn’t become canon? Yall need to get off your high horse. One possible relationship doesn’t define the quality of an episode or series. Yes you’re allowed to be sad or disappointed, but some of the things you’re saying are downright rude and I’m sorry? But do you guys think you’re the only people that have had a ship that wasn’t made canon? No. The difference is the rest of us handled it gracefully.
Go write fanfic
Go make fanart
Role play
Idc what it is, but stop the bitching.

Sailor moon inspired :)

Still got a nasty cough and got to stay home :)))))

also @vcntage for the list of items how would i message you :’)

Just finished GMing an amazing day game at Kiruna’s Plight. Utterly fantastic NPCs and players, I feel so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people. I was the helpful in-character GM who monitored quests, roamed around, helped with plot, and occasionally got involved in character arguments. Can’t wait to start writing/ organising the next game!

Character is Lady Tarley of House Maryner, priestess. (Also proof that I can still put together cool kit without armour)


Just had a fantastic night at the small but mighty Swordcraft game in Ballarat (Australia)! Was a great test run of my updated kit - turns out it’s very practical, although a bit heavy. Full plate/ splint legs, bracers + elbow cops, shoulder armour, demi-cuirass. And a little splint vest of plates type thing + sneaky hat helmet.