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How to make a kickass Mei hairpin

Mei cosplayers, if you’re like me, you’ve found the available selection of Mei hairpins… uninspiring. Or made of foam.

Anyways, I thought I’d share my experience making a pretty nifty hairpin on a budget. 

Items needed:

A big magnet (Home Depot)

Also tiny magnets

I used spacers of ¼ and ¾ inches, since the lower spacer needs extra length to stick out from the center of the big magnet. Plus, it acts as a better stabilizer for the hairpin’s stem.

Take a standard chopstick…

… And shave the detailing off of it. (I used an exacto knife but there’s probably better methods lol) I originally started with an 8 mm knitting needle I degreased the anodized color off of, but it had a more matte and less shiny look to it.

Finally, order a red ball - a Redditor recommended the type of red knob used on the ends of machinery pulleys that you can order off of Amazon, but I imagine any red rubber ball would work too. I hot glued the ball to the ¼ inch spacer, then added the small magnet so it would stick to the top of the large magnet. It’s strong enough that it didn’t need additional gluing. The ¾ inch spacer slotted into the large magnet, then I added a bit of hot glue to stabilize the chopstick down the center of that. Finally, add an official Overwatch keychain for Mei’s signature snowflake, and you’re all set!

Metal, not foam 📍💠❤️


All the components of Faramir’s coronation outfit!

The bolero shirt took about 40 hours.
The surcoat was about 350 hours.
The breastplate and pauldrons were about 20 hours.
The cloak was about 120 hours.

Five months.
Over 500 hours.
2,300 inches of gold bullion = 62 yards = ½ the length of a football field.
10 yards of velvet.
850 yards of gold thread.
Approx. 13,000 beads.

The biggest undertaking I’ve done to date, and I love it and all the needle pricks and endless nights of rewatching old shows on Netflix while trying to get all this needlework finished.


I’ve finished several horn commissions and here is few shots)

here you can see horns for Vriska, Terezi, Sollux, Karkat, Eridan and first time made - horns for Calliope trollsona!

and also few shots how horns looks on real person(in this case - me)

feel free text me for commissions for horns or hs-glasses(terezi, sol, dirk)

Like and reblog are highly appreciated)

Finally after so much work, flip flopping between hating it and loving it about 60 times my Sheikah slate is finally finished. The iPad inside is still fully functional bar the front camera but I can take selfies! Catch me at mcm and we’ll take one together. 👌🏻 (now just to finish the rest of the cosplay)


Starscream ( @tyrantofthefirmament )has gotten his talons on some dangerous toys, and he’s having too much fun with the Energon Harvester and the Omega Keys. The ability to suck Energon out of anywhere (or anyone) or restore an entire planet is heady stuff and makes for one cocky Seeker, but he also enjoys the simpler things, such as an inexplicably entertaining cartoon monkey. It’s too funny not to show Knockout ( @ask-dr-knockout ). Don’t worry, Soundwave ( @tfg1-minibot-lover ) or Prime ( @imgaladriel), they’re not up to something (this time) - they’re just watching dumb internet videos.

Our first photoshoot as a whole group was a smashing success! The props KO made were amazing and Daniel Sennet at TaoPhoto captured the best of everything.


My Millennium Rod is ready!!!

The build didn’t take too long or require too many materials: Wood, wooden sphere, wooden dowel, polymer clay, glue (PVA and super glue), paint and sanding paper, (and a passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! certainly helps :p) I didn’t have a tapered dowel so I had to sand a cylinder it in that shape by hand (if I had a lathe it would certainly have saved me time).

Big thank you to my dad for helping me out assembling the whole thing :)

As always, shoot me a message if you would like further information about this build and I will do my best to help you out!
by KeahCreations
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For those who have been asking, I’ve (finally) listed my Miraculous Ladybug yoyos and akumas on my Etsy store, along with a few other cosplay items. I’m also looking to add more Miraculous props soon!

Primer, Paint, and Sealant


I got a lot wrong here! I don’t have time to go through and edit/rewrite/relink this right now, but until I do please look at this post from @ohicosplay

I’m really sorry! I’ve made a good amount of props, but I haven’t had as much experience with them as I have other aspects of cosplay/costuming. I did as much research as I could to make up for the lack of expertise, but…it wasn’t enough. Thank you OHI Cosplay for the corrections!


It can be overwhelming to try and select the right kind of supplies for a project, so it’s best to start small. These are some of the most commonly used primer, paints, and sealants for props:

Kinds of Paint

These are divided into two classes (primers often use the same kinds of bases as well):


This is what you should be using. Initially designed as the poor man’s oil paint, acrylic is is easy to use, durable, and has a nice finish when dry. It is, however, more expensive than water-based paint and a little harder to clean (but not by much).

When you buy a can of spray paint, the actual paint you’re spraying is usually acrylic-based.


Poster paint is water-based. It dries quickly, is easy to clean, and cheap. It doesn’t have the same smooth finish and lifespan as acrylic paints, though.


You know that scene in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where he has to whitewash the fence? That was pretty much priming. You’re completely covering up the materials you used to make your prop, blocking out any of its original color and smoothing out the surface so the paint looks the same way on the prop as it does in the bottle.


Very easy to use, provides great coverage, works for several different kinds of projects, and goes a long way. If you apply it in layers you’ll cover up any bumps in the surface of the prop. You need to sand it to make it smooth.

Paper Mache Clay

Requires a little more skill than gesso to use, but allows for molding and sculpting. It totally covers the surface of your prop. You will need to sand this as well.

Paint primer

This doesn’t cover up any bumps; it only blankets the color of the building material. Paints and primers share the same kind of bases (water, acrylic, oil, etc.). You should try to match your primer to your paint, but acrylic primer will work for most projects.


This goes on last and is essential to any project. It makes it waterproof, protecting both the paint job and the material used to build the prop. Sealants range from matte (don’t reflect light, like paper) to glossy (reflect lots of light, like glass).

Modge Podge

Also used as a glue, this sturdy and glossy sealant will become your best friend. It really is one of the best products a crafter can have.

Spray Enamel

Works surprisingly well for how cheap it is. It’s extremely easy to use but will get cloudy if you touch it before it’s dried completely.

Casting Resin

Also used to make props, resin dries very hard, helping add support to relatively weak crafting materials. It’s a favorite for paper-based projects.

With the selection narrowed down, it’s a little easier to choose what to work with. You can find all of these at any craft store.


Cosplay Mini-Tutorial:
Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears by ThinkGeek

I am working on a Sakizou costume (the White Rabbit), which has rabbit ears. I was trying to think of ways to make them move, when I found out that ThinkGeek had already done the hard work for me! Their robotic cat ears are fun, and very customizable. They come with a fur cover, which I forgot to take a picture of. The fur cover can easily be taken on and off.

On to the customizing! Almost every bit of the ears can be unscrewed and taken apart. There are two screws that hold the ears to the headband, and three screws that remove the plastic casing around the ears themselves. You could even unscrew bits of the smaller casing holding the mechanical bits together, but I didn’t try that.

Once I took the ear casing off, I centered the headband, figured out where the ears would poke out, and then cut a small notch in my wig (not through a weft) in order to fit the casing through. After getting the hair settled, I reattached the ears to the headband, and then reattached the ear casing.


- item : Sheikah’s Slate (tutorial video)

game : Breath of the Wild

maker : Game Guy DIY

source : Youtube



My Battle City Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk!!

The build took a few weeks and it turned out quite anime screen-accurate (far better than the Mattel version imho)

The disk itself is kinda heavy and as a result attaching it with straps proved difficult so I had to improvise with the hand portion; but now it is just fine (and you can’t even tell in pictures) ^_^

The life points screen is a printed out piece of paper with a piece of plastic glued on top. (Maybe in the future I’ll program an Arduino screen with changeable life points and sound effects :p)

Let me know if you have any questions about this build and I will happily try to help you out n__n

It’s time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!!!!

Making the wand from Daoko's MV: Girl (the easy way)

Here’s a recent tutorial from my blog, enjoy~:

Hihihi I forgot to write a post last month but here’s another cosplay tutorial to make up for it ><!

I don’t know if any of you reading this knows but one of my first cosplans of the year is to cosplay the character from Daoko’s MV: Girl.

This time instead of making it, I decided to buy almost all of the cosplay, excluding the wand, due to time constraint.

And I had to crack my head to think of a way to make the wand, I wasn’t going to go into 3D printing or something fancy…it was difficult.
But my sudden spark of geniusness helped me create it! (Lol) here’s the tutorial:

Materials/Tools you will need:

*paper/polystyrene balls (20mm)
*bamboo skewer
*bandage (secret ingredient!!)
*masking tape
*craft(funky) foam
*acrylic gesso
*pva glue
*scissors (obvs)
*glue gun
*craft knife


1) draw a rough sketch of the base of the wand on paper, for reference, I wanted mine to be around an A4 sized paper long:

2) take the paper balls and skewer them through your bamboo skewer so it looks like this (be sure to leave space at the top of the skewer to stick the star on!):

(Btw that was the brand of paper balls I was using, you might find it at your local art store? i’m not too sure…)

3) use a roll of bandage to wrap around the balls (excluding the second ball) untill it becomes this shape:

4) then use masking tape to wrap around the parts you’ve just bandaged.

5) use newspaper to paper mache at least 3 layers, to the same two parts of the wand you’ve put masking tape on, and then, when dried, apply the gesso (which also might need more than one layer)

6) and tada~ your base for the wand is done!

(Sorry this pic has been cropped lel)

7) you can then mix up some pink paint and colour it but I decided to colour it after making the star part of the wand.


1) print and cut out the template for the star. I used the original image and made the image 20cm wide on Word and then printed it out.

2) put your template onto the craft foam, trace and cut. (Use a sharp craft knife for a sharper edges/finish, I was lazy and hence I had rough edges on the inside of my star.)

3) cut strips of the craft foam, about 1.8cm wide, and use the hot glue gun to glue the strips to the inside of one of the star, as shown:

(Careful not to put too much glue on as it will come out of the edges and give you an unclean finish, if it does happen, try pull some of it away when its warm, or, cut it away using a craft knife when cooled)

4) then take your other star, and carefully stick the inner part of the star onto strip of the other star (lol hope this makes sense), so it looks like this:

5) stick all the edges together, leaving a gap on the inner corners of one of the star to stick the skewer into. Like this:

6) and if you haven’t already, paint the base of the wand and then brush with a layer of PVA glue for a nice, shiny finish! :D

And here is your magical wand~~~

(Here’s is a picture of my cosplay taken by my cousin @kourisane (on ig) )

Feel free to comment if you have any questions~
Hope you found this tutorial helpful and happy cosplaying! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚