2 Years?!

Has it really been that long! Holy cow! Thanks squad for all your support. 2 years and just over 1,000 posts and some of the best followers ever! Thanks for staying with me for the journey!

((OOC: I know I havent been posting much and for that Im sorry. I dont foresee me being able to regularly continue posting as an ask blog as real life and trying to run my own buisness has kept be too busy to be able to keep up with this side project. So whats your opinion. Keep this ask blog and post very rarely OR turn this blog into my business blog with regular updates(costume design and fx makeup.))

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about Wade meeting the spider crew?

Peter: Well he met Miles, don’t think he’s met Agent Venom or Spider-woman yet thought. I mean how many spiders could there be?

Wade: …

Peter: Oh and didn’t you fight Carnage once?

Wade: Yeah, good times.

Peter: Didn’t you blow up at one point?

Wade: Like I said, good times. 


Can’t believe Tsukki ( @prince-derse ) doesn’t trust me.
@incorrectkurotsuki had this originally as a text post!

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