✨ Mega Stone Jewelry ✨

There’s been some requests for mega stones as different jewelry, so here they are in more forms than ever! :D

They may not have added any new megas to Pokemon Sun and Moon so they could put focus on Z moves, but I’m hoping we get some more mega pokemon in the eventual remakes of Diamond and Pearl.

Available at Trinket Geek:

Mega Stone Key Chains        -        Key Stone Key Chain

Mega Stone Chokers        -        Key Stone Choker

Mega Stone Bracelets        -        Key Stone Bracelet

Mega Stone Pedants        -        Key Stone Pendant

Mega Stone Rings        -        Key Stone Ring


Cosplay Feature: Ciri | Witcher 3 

I had the honor of shooting my Ciri costume with an incredible crew after attending Geekcore in Copenhagen, Denmark this past October. We rented a car and drove two hours out to the coastal area of Mons Klint, which we mused would capture the spirit of Witcher’s Skellige islands well. 

Michael la-Cour brought his stunning photographic style and loads of passion to the table, even setting up a call to chat over Ciri’s unique character and putting together an inspiration board prior to the shoot. Bara Cosplay & Hobo Cosplay were fantastic support in arranging the rental, driving our crew, helping light smoke bombs, and more. All the effort and planning paid off with some really atmospheric photos. 

Huge thank you to  Hanime’s Cosplay for making my corset! 

You can find a handful of costume notes and production photos below. Enjoy! 

Belt WIP: Started with a leather blank and whetted it prior to stamping with tools. Drilled over 1000 holes into the blank, dyed it, and hand-stitched in the waxed thread! 

Decorative Belt WIP: Created blanks in Sintra and EVA foam, sealed with Plastidip, and molds created in Smooth-on. Aluminum powder brushed into molds before being cast in resin! 

Additional WIP: Stamping the leather for the sword, modifying the shirt & pants, and leather working for boots, arm bands, and more!