Be careful wearing wigs at RTX!

This is a bit of an afterthought, yes, but after trying on my cosplay today in the Texas heat, I think it’s important to let everyone know that wearing wigs is serious business. (I was only in my wig for about 5 minutes when I noticed that, boy, I was getting WARM).

To put it simply, lots of body heat escapes from your head. Wearing a wig cap + a wig on your head basically traps ALL of that heat in your head and body. This can be extremely bad if you are not properly hydrated or in an air conditioned place.

If you can help it, don’t be in your wig for MORE than a few hours at a time. Take breaks if you can. If you start feeling faint, or if you were sweating and your body has stopped sweating all together, that is BAD. You need to find water and let your body rest.

This advice goes for all RTX-goers, but especially if you’re a cosplayer wearing a LOT of heavy clothing or even if it’s just wearing a wig, please be careful and stay safe!


Hallo! So I recently came home from Genki 2015 (a convention in Denmark), and while I was there I had a few pictures taken of my “football Germany” cosplay. It was a fun convention where I also participated in the cosplay show alongside my girlfriend. Did I mention we won a price for “funniest act”? Well more about that for another post.

Cosplayer: Me

Photo & Edit: My girlfriend <3


Housemate was working on prop so I was working with him to make a vacuform table to produce prop Splattershot pistols for Splatoon. I built the table, all the gun stuff was him.

Planning to make guns and/or kits for them available for purchase for those debating their kid/squid identity.