It’s zero hour: The con starts in less than a day, and your cosplay still has so much work left…

This mix is for those times when you need to buckle down and get it done - energizing, upbeat tracks to keep you motivated. A little silly sometimes, too, to keep your spirits up.

A mix of genres, from pop-punk to 90’s dance to alt rock, and a few other detours along the way.



Percy Jackson beach shoot part one.

I have so many great pictures from this shoot that I’m going to break it up into parts and post them over the next few days so look forward to that!

Annabeth: No tumblr

Percy: wyvernwolf

Pirate Nico: tinygayitalian

Will: sabertooth-raccoon

All photos taken by me 

Please don’t use without permission

Get your hands on a real life Thornthe exotic hand-cannon from Bungie’s latest game: Destiny! The gun assembles with a glue free locking system and features a ‘firing mechanism’. 

The gun comes unassembled and ready to paint so you can add your own flair and customise it just as you like!

Got your own 3D printer? Download the file for FREE! If not, you can get it printed for you by My Mini Factory!

First cosplay VS. My newest cosplay

Dark Link from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Dark Link was something I threw together cause my friend asked me to since she was going to be Link. It was my first cosplay and convention, the shield was made from craft foam and poster board and the sword was just some foam sword. No wig and the face paint was from Party city, unsealed unfortunately cause I had no idea what that even meant then. I did actually make the hat, boot covers and arm..thing LOL. All hand sewn cause I didn’t know how to sew back then. The rest is just dress shoes, an oversized shirt and a black long sleeve undershirt. Don’t ask me why I had so many different belts, I guess I thought I was a Square Enix character. Which is ironic seeing how my latest cosplay is a Square Enix character. Everything on Vanitas was made by me, including the keyblade. Anyone can improve over time, just don’t give up!

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