My friend and I costested ReverseFalls!Gleeful Twins last night and I’d say it went pretty darn well! We decided to take them to AnimeFest next month and we’ve been looking at things online for them. Hopefully our outfits will be a tad better but who knows, I’m broke.
Mason Gleeful- me (@ princelypotato on instagram)
Mabel Gleeful- Casey (@ lonely.prince_ on Instagram)


“When ‘colors’ mix, they become muddy and messy. But when they all blend together, the final result is the color that wins against all others… Black.”

Haikyuu!! Mafia Au by @dduck_hq on Twitter

First years
Hinata | KageyamaYachi | Yamaguchi | Tsukishima

Second years
Ennoshita | Nishinoya | Tanaka

Third years
Asahi | Daichi | Sugawara


Probably my most favourite drawing. I didn’t stess with this one AT ALL, i just drew for the hell of it, i actually had a good time drawing this. I didn’t make everything perfect or spend a long time coloring. Its like when i use to draw it was FUN, like FUN ALL THE TIME! when i use to be so proud of it when it was awful kind of fun! 

INSPIRED by this:

K-saintys videos are always so beautiful and amazing, i get so happy when she uploads something! she’s an amazing editor! and an amazing cosplater like oh my ninja..