Homewrecker… Homewrecker… I’m only happy when I’m on the run

Okay so after a long wait, I finally got some photos to show of my Lady Loki cosplay!!! This project took me a year of planning and making and I’m just really excited to share it with everyone ( ᵒ̴̶̷̤̀ुωᵒ̴̶̷̤́ू )❤”!!!

Fantastic photos and edits by: Fritz Fusion (PLEASE DO PAY HIM A VISIT AND CHECK OUT ALL HIS OTHER PHOTOS!)

More cosplay related things on my page and stuff and things.


Call me Kid Flash — and get your ’S’ handed to you! The name’s Impulse!

Impulse/Bart Allen by Absterisk (me)

The Flash/Barry Allen by Abudora

Photos by Fritz Fusion and James Liew

Edits by Kiellne and me

Here are some of my favorite (extremely professional looking) shots from my time cosplaying Bart Allen!!! There are more goofier shots in this post here, but these are my most treasured especially with the amazing edits by Kie (LIGHTNING EFFECT, YOU GUYS)! I love speedsters, especially adorable speedforce super-fast aging babies! And as lame as it may sound, Bart holds a special place in my heart because we’re both equally doofy — we practically match to a ’T’. Not to mention that the Young Justice and Teen Titans runs were really what drew me into comics further (teen superheroes yo u//w//u)!

Once again, the ever flawless (GRANDPA) Flash was by my really good friend, Abudora — who was also the ever dramatic Zuko to my Toph cosplay! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I hope you guys dig it!


And who better to beat the biggest and baddest of monsters… Than the roughest and toughest of animals? 

Battling Boy cosplay by me, with major awesome cloak help by Ruby!

Taken at WonderCon ‘14 by Stephan Valeros

Out of the word edits by Luke Ritson

Aaaah, so here’s my cosplay from WonderCon Sunday! I finally got the photos and some killer edits to show for too (* q *)!! Being a little boy for an entire day has never been so rewarding 8);;;

I’m just really glad that I managed to get everything together for Battling Boy, I’ve been a fan of Paul Pope for years now. Heck, I have the majority of his released works it’s crazy! It was especially great when a handful of people knew who I was and started sharing the love for Paul Pope too. AHHhhh, what a convention can do ///super shiawase moment இ‿இ゚

This is definitely a cosplay I’ll be recycling OVER AND OVER again, I hope you like it, and I hope you check out Paul Pope’s Battling Boy and his other works too!!! Now I have a bunch of papers to finish before finals week, ahahaha priorities.

So… 2014 is 5 hours and 10 minutes away and my only form of well wishing or good will is this collage of my 19 cosplays since I first started way back in 2008! I know some of these photos are so incredibly jank, so go ahead and have a good laugh. I know I did (and by that I meant I snorted so hard, my couch is currently lodged in my throat…)!

Remember guys! It’s all about the fun and the absolute jank.

Putting all these photos together reminds me of all the awesome times spent, friends made, and, of course, MONEY FLUSHED /wails loudly. But I wouldn’t have any other way.

Happy soon-to-be New Years, guys! I’m excited and terrified to see what 2014 brings, but mostly terrified and also gassy. ONWARD HOOOOOOoooOOoo!


P.S. For the Deidara and Yuuta blocks, I had to sub it with their actual images since I couldn’t find my cosplays of it! If I do manage to salvage them I’ll be sure to put it up :)

Characters in order of appearance (Left to Right, and Down):
Mello (Death Note)
Nougami Neuro (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)
Mint (Galaxy Angels)
Deidara (Shippu! Konoha Gakuen/Naruto Shippuden)
Yuuta (Zombie-Loan)
Sync (Tales of Abyss)
Asura (Soul Eater)
Septimus (Rust Blaster)
Tian Zi (Code Geass R2)
Belarus (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Suwako (Touhou)
Athena (King of Fighters)
Pixie/Megan Gwynn (MARVEL: X-Men)
Spider-Girl/Arana (MARVEL: Spider-Man)
Toph Beifong (Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise)
Impulse/Bart Allen (DC: Young Justice)
Leah (MARVEL: Journey into Mystery)
Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)
Damian Wayne (DC: Every single Batman title)

4 years (minus 2010), 19 cosplays, and I’m still raring to go!