Time for some pictures of our Fate Zero cosplays!
We can tell endless stories from our time wearing them, but for short let’s say “It was AMAZING!”
Srsly, this cosplays gave us such good vibes, chats, and laughs with everybody. We are so grateful!

This pictures were taken at Expomanga a bit in a hurry, but we have some emotive surprises coming soon!~

Cosplay/Edition: SEVEN cos&photo
Lancer/Diarmuid: Martis
Saber/Arturia: Takusi
Photo: Aredhel (Gracias!!) from Take a look to her art!

Please check out more photos here:

Instagram:  @takusifair



My soul burns with the heat of a thousand suns! Behold the power of youth!
Makoto Nanaya - Blazblue Continuum Shift

OK I swear Im wearing sneaks everytime I take cosphotos but I promise Im making the characters actual shoes OTL My normal photographer took too long so I decided to post some pics from JapanFest courtesy of Gardienne Cosplay Muse and Julio Holdago

Gapple Photos just dropped this amazing preview of our rap group, I mean Dragon Age Genderbend photo shoot and it’s so cool I had to share instantly!

Varric: @kikiama
Cole: @blueeyesdante
Cullen: @pinkjusticecosplay
Morrigan: @ifightdragonites
Cassandra: Pink Justice Cosplay
Blackwall: @alouettecosplay
Inquisitor: @emilogg
Iron Bull: Tahlly Lockheart Cosplay
Dorian: @crimsonlioncosplay

Photoshoot/Makeup assistance from the best in the land Zowie Kerpowey


We are back! And with more Fate/Zero!

We came up with pure tragedy with this photoshoot but we also had the chance to arrange our own version of Diarmuid’s dramatic end. There will be a continuation so please, look forward for upcoming Part 2!

Cosplay: Seven Cos&Photo

-Saber: Takusi Fair

-Lancer: Martis Fragglerock

Photo: Elena Boudicca (¡Gracias!) and Seven Cos&Photo

Edition: Seven Cos&Photo

Support: Aredhel (¡Gracias tmb! XD)

Facebook: Seven cos&photo

Instagram: @takusifair


Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid

Hatsune Miku cn Chono Black
More pic and photobook & postcard order please visit

Photo Little Lens
Make up Minh Thảo Nguyễn Bá



Today is a verrry special day, and I wanted to make this post to give a birthday shoutout to one of my very close cosplay buddies, Re-L Cosplay! I’ve had the pleasure to get much closer with her in this past year and work with her on some really amazing cosphotos. I wanted to share some shot that I took of her amazing Yamraiha cosplay from Magi with you all this evening! It’s always such a pleasure to shoot with her, and I can’t wait for the 2016 con season because we’ve got some duo and group cosplays planned!! I urge you all to go and wish her a happy birthday on her Cospage! <3

Top 6 (Cosplay) Selfies of 2k15!
Hiya! So I got tagged by @lithharbor to do the top 6 selfies of the year post! 2015 was a very good year for cosplaying, and I hope you all enjoy my personal favourites from when I did mini shoots throughout the year! More cosphotos can be found on my Facebook Page if you’re interested!! I don’t know who else has been tagged in this, but feel more than free to participate!! I’d really like to see my cuties @hkaze and @theemberwithin make a post if they have the time!~