cospaly progress


Everyone’s favorite gay wizard has arrived!

I did a quick Taako makeup test today! I’m not wearing my actual outfit in this, I’m literally wearing scrap fabric around my neck –my cloak isn’t finished yet. The wig needs styled and fixed up too. But I’m super happy with this !! <3

I’ll try to throw Lup together before the end of this week. 


A BIG thank you to Ciphored for inspired me to cosplay Reverse Falls Stanford Pines~ Lots more details to add to the outfit so this is just a WIP! I’m so excited to wear this to Supanova Con in Queensland Australia in April! Also planning a few CMV I can do with this outfit too~

HOW to make a “scale armor” prop, in this case, bra:

1) paint plastic spoons, lots of them (this bra had around 90 of them as a reference, but they were the coffee/tea ones)

*probably you want to use spray paint to they all look shiny and there are no brush strokes

2) cut the hand part of the spoons. You want to do this after paiting so you can hold them under the paint easily

3) use a hot glue gun to glue the spoons to the bra or whatever you want to scale-armor

4) Be sure to ONLY glue the top part of the spoon so if, like my corset, it comes under the spoons they will be able to move freely instead of breaking or just limiting your mobility

5) Finish

6) Bask in the glory of your own scale armor bra o whatever you did


My hoodie for Naegi came in today!! It’s actually bigger than I thought it would be so I’m thinking about exchanging it for a smaller one, but the color is great. :D I also threw on the blazer I’m going to modify to see how it looked, haha. 

But yeah, to that anon who asked about my hoodie, here it is! I got it from Old Navy and it’s actually SUPER NICE AND SOFT AND WARM it’s definitely worth $25. :D

finished my Uchiha Sakura - Boruto the Movie outfit today :3

i need another trousers and i gotta change the shoes. But yay, done sewing x3
it turned out a bit short in the front ;A; but whatever xD i m too lazy to do a new one .-.

I dunno when i ll actually wear it, probably next year xD

the best part about doing this cosplay: Doing the uchiha emblem on the back x3

Chest pattern: DONE.

Just need to retrace the outline and cut out another one that I can cut into the separate pieces.

I think it looks too short, but I think its probably just right.

Still need to pattern out the arm guards, back and boot armor. And the belt and ammo pouches. And shoulder pads.

And then cut out the foam and put it all together.