cosmos copa


What we’re watching: New York City’s World Cup, the Cosmos Copa

Not too long ago we found the trailer for this, but now the short documentary is here for all to see. To refresh your memory, this is what the Cosmos Copa is all about: “Every year, 36 ‘national teams’, comprised of the diverse communities that make up New York City, come together to play in a World Cup tournament called Cosmos Copa. Organized by the New York Cosmos and heralded as a one-of-a-kind event that showcases the best of NYC, this grassroots tournament attracts a huge following in a spectacular setting." 

There’s nothing like seeing this event and all its associated characters and talent firsthand, but this doc does a great job conveying just how much The Big Apple loves the beautiful game. [Posted by Eric]


“What an audacious goal!”

Teddy Niziolek with the wondergoal that led NYC Poland to becoming back-to-back Cosmos Copa champions