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Fortune Telling Astrology ~

A misfortune teller tells you that transiting Saturn will be in your 7th house this year. With leering eyes and rings hanging off her fingers she informs you that evil, obstructive Saturn is going to decimate your relationships (7th house), and so your heart will be broken and lonesome misery is awaiting you. That’s perfectly reasonable, if the misfortune teller was looking to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Astrology is not the art of crystal ball reading, doomsday prophecies, or divination from Ouija boards. The transits of astrology can point to an area of life we become oriented toward dispensing energy to. For example when Saturn leaves the 6th house to cross the 7th, intense focus on health and responsibility (6th house) becomes marriage and partnership (7th house). It may indicate that relationships will end, but this follows the intense scrutiny of Saturn. In a less fatalistic perspective, it suggests that we relinquish relationships that no longer serve us in profound and enduring ways. Astrology is not fated. Maybe the misfortune teller dangles some crystals and gasps at your natal chart. She alarmingly informs you that with Mars in the 8th house you will no doubt die a violent and brutal death. But astrology cannot tell the future, it helps you create a future. And to spend your life in fear of a bloodied demise will only wilt the zodiac petals that bloom within. Astrology cannot predict the date of death or experience of intense trauma. Our free will weaves inner meaning with the language of the cosmos and we continue to write the manuscript with a heaven soaked pen. Every astrological symbol can present a favorable and positive meaning or something shadowy and devouring. The qualities of the signs, planets, and houses are poured from the stars like cosmic gel at the moment of first breath. Free will allows us to consciously select the traits that we express, how we respond to the situation, and whether these be the evolved and positive aspects or the more unsavory characteristics. The Neoplatonic argument is that there may be a fate represented by the signs and planets, the spirit of man is free and can make its choice regardless. There may be fated experiences, though Jung’s theory is the fated experience being that of something repressed into the unconscious. So our client that has left the misfortune teller’s shop in grave fear of her marriage need not be so concerned. In a year, she very well could be divorced, but it could turn out to be the best decision that she’s ever made. All she needed was the wisdom and self assurance of Saturn to finally leave. Or her marriage may become stronger than ever, as she comes to realise the deep connection and everlasting partnership they have created together. The beauty of astrology lies in its cosmic calligraphy, it’s heavenly archetypes that make spectacular patterns of personalities, the starry knowledge wrapped around the soul writing the stories about being human, the magnificence and the pain, the Gods and the Goddesses dancing through us.

magicfred  asked:

Eh Fabien, tu filmes tes dessins avec quoi ? :D Sinon vraiment cool Agito Cosmos ! Continue comme ça ;)

Salut Fred,

Content que apprécies Agito. Pour les vidéos, j’utilise quicktime pour l’enregistrement d’écran, après j’importe le fichier  dans imovie (je suis sur mac) et je bidouille. C'est la méthode du système D et c’est certainement pas très pro mais ça fonctionne !

Du coup, hop, la dernière vidéo que je n’ai pas encore partagé ici: Jean-Luc et Carlo

Ripples through time..

What was interesting to me with this gif is there appears to be another dimension when all of the circles collide and move on upwards.  So after the seed of life and flower of life is created it creates a final form an entire karmic circle is formed and then it moves on upward to a higher dimension. The process is now complete, and it possibly repeats and does the same exact thing again on a higher level.

Could this be one explanation as to how the game of life is? Several levels, infinite creation, endless possibilities, coexistence. 

The moon: Part I

‘Isn’t it quite boring?’
Spoke the moon to empty space,
The sun was not listening,
Though his light bounced off her face.

And darkness stretched beyond the eye,
Save peppered stars around,
And a nonchalant and quiet sigh,
Was the only sound.

The sound of Moon so gentle, bright,
Alone in seas of dark,
A moon quite pure, a moon quite white,
Drained by surroundings stark.

There was no sense of night or day,
Or time as we now know,
For the moon, among the stars she lay,
Was fed up with her woe.

So she took a heavy breath and stood,
Her milky limbs like ice,
Her snowy hair fell like a flood,
Starlight glistened in her eyes.

She always wondered what had been,
Just so far from her reach,
All the sights she’d never seen,
Boundaries never breached.

For the sun and moon have not always,
Been distant as recalled,
A strength and love that never frays,
Within the cosmos scrawled.

The moon continued with her trip,
As determined was she,
And a smile spread upon her lips,
With freedom she found glee.

But her legs grew tired, and her eyes fell,
Her resolve became undone,
With a fearful whine, she whispered ‘Well,
The darkness must have won.’

For the moon may have been daring,
But a soul still young, still new,
And in the distance staring,
Stood the sun she did pursue.

Against the night sky thick,
Her ashen skin stood sheer,
And something special clicked,
The sun was ever nearer.

There within her vision,
Was cast a golden flame,
And she took the grand decision,
To stand up once again.

'Press on, press on,’
She whispered through her tense and gritted jaw,
'Some more steps, it’s just a few.’
Effort draining to the core.

And again her footsteps faltered,
But a flaming grip took hold.
The world around her altered,
Engulfed in blazing gold.

Warm fingers on her skin,
A breath upon her neck,
The darkness could not win,
A pinch, for dreams, A check.

For as the moon’s eyes searched,
To meet those of the discovered,
Her excited stomach lurched,
The universe uncovered.

'You finally made it here!’
A warming voice did cry,
'I’ve been waiting for you dear,
To have you by my side.’

Bright gold against the white,
In the sky there lit a flame,
Among the highest of all heights,
Two lovers played their game.

And from joyous abandon,
From playful lovers free,
From sun and snow becoming one,
Along came you and me.

Along came planets, galaxies,
Along came night and day,
Along came soil, water, trees,
Along came ice and flame.

But alas the moon had to depart,
Return from whence she came,
With tears, with an aching heart,
The sun did quietly say,

'My dearest love, do not forget,
You travelled all this way,
Across the universe we met,
And look at all we made.’

So the moon went home, lay down her head,
In awe of what now rests,
And kept in her mind what the sun had said,
As the stars around her slept.

Finally finished! I’ll continue Cosmos Arc as soon as I’m back in the good for it ^.^

This pic is part of my Cosmos Arc Artbook

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Asakim quirked a brow inquisitively. “Might I ask what you did to end up in this condition, Ilibis?” He asked, staring at her. “Unlike Crowe, you aren’t foolhardy and brash. Do tell, child.” The Dark Stranger paused. “Oh, yes. I give you well wishes for a prompt recovery,” he added as an afterthought. 


Stellar ‘Fireworks Finale’ Came First in the Young Universe (artist’s impression)

The deepest views of the cosmos from the Hubble Space Telescope yield clues that the very first stars may have burst into the universe as brilliantly and spectacularly as a fireworks finale. Except in this case, the finale came first, long before Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way Galaxy formed.

Studies of Hubble’s deepest views of the heavens lead to the preliminary conclusion that the universe made a significant portion of its stars in a torrential firestorm of star birth, which abruptly lit up the pitch-dark heavens just a few hundred million years after the ‘big bang, ’ the tremendous explosion that created the cosmos.

Though stars continue to be born today in galaxies, the star birth rate could be a trickle compared to the predicted gusher of stars in those opulent early years.

Credit: A. Schaller (STScI)

A review this morning for the “Cosmos” continuation read: “Cosmos: Making science cool again”. 

It always was cool.  Society and the media are just too distracted by celebrity bullshit/worship and the pursuit of stupidity to notice.

You just weren’t paying attention.  Time to look around you and realize just how fucking amazing the world and everything beyond it is through the lens of science.

Star stuff, bitches.

moth preens herself all season
long for this one guttural moment

sack of earth displacing earth

wrist, in functioning disorder,
craves what was taken from it.

my body, its faithfulness to
this consistent beating loss.

unimpressed stars whirl in 
the cosmos of continuance 
continuing for the sake of 
burning - being

at the end of the day,
we all return to our bodies empty

Come here Cosmo... Part 9 Pietro X Reader

(credit goes to GIFS/images original owner.)

Hickey scene submitted by an anon <3

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers

Word Count: 858

Warnings: Mild sexual displays.

Following last night’s revelations,(Y/N) decided it was best for her and Cosmo to have a lazy day,as they used up all their energy the previous night and parts of the morning.The two had fallen back to sleep,and (Y/N) awoke first this time around.She decided it was best to slip out of bed first,leaving the silver haired beauty behind.

She was already naked,so slipping into the shower was easily done.She stepped in and closed the shower glass,keeping some privacy during this time.

TICK TICK TICK TICK” the glass pane sounded.

“Hey Sexy…vay I come in…” Cosmo asked,his voice was still groggy.

“Are you tired?” (Y/N) asked,confused about her boyfriend’s slowed pace.

“Vust a little,you veally vorn me out…” Cosmo joked.

(Y/N) continued to shower.

“Please…” Cosmo urged.

The glass doors slid open.Both (Y/N) and Cosmo were surprised to see each other standing naked and being so comfortable with it.

“Are you going to stand there,or are you coming in?” a grin came across (Y/N)’s face.

A fast whirl sped past (Y/N),coming in close and wrapping his arms around her.

“Do you zink anyvone heard us vast night?” Cosmo grinned,kissing (Y/N)’s neck.

“I think the entire building heard…” (Y/N) replied,completely mortified.

Cosmo proceeded to continue to play with (Y/N),which caused her to giggle due to the soft love she got from him.She had to urge him to stop.

The two focused on showering,the heat of the stream was warm and steamy.The area was filled with a mixture of aromatics, (Y/N)’s saffron and honey shampoo, with Cosmo’s expensive sport’s brand shampoo.It was an assault on the nostrils of the two.

Showers already took long enough when one person was in it,but with two,this one took forever.

“Cosmo. We’ve literally been in here for forty five minutes!” (Y/N) scowled.

“It’s obvious from ze vrinkles!” Cosmo joked, resulting in a slap to the chest from (Y/N).

The two stepped out of the shower and got dressed. (Y/N) wore a small summer dress that was sitting in her wardrobe,she never had a reason to wear it up until now.She matched her outfit with cute thigh-high socks and a pair of bright red shoes.(Y/N) smiled in the mirror at her appearance.

(Y/N) turned towards Cosmo,expecting him to be ready already,but that’s when she noticed him…

He slowly slipped on a running sweatshirt,nothing out of the ordinary for Cosmo.But what really stood out to (Y/N) was how her eyes were drawn to his muscled features.

He sped over to (Y/N)

“You look good today!” Cosmo complimented,his words unusually clear.They made (Y/N) blush at the mention of her appearance.

(Y/N) and Cosmo walk down the hall,holding hands,smiling at all of their colleagues that they walk past.The aims of their travels took them to the Avenging tower,where all the other member laid in wait.

“Sorry we’re late,we decided to take a walk!” (Y/N) shouts upon walking in.

Upon the entry of the two lovers,the rest of the team burst out into laughter.

“If it isn’t Mr. Quickie and Miss Hickey over here!” Tony jested,resulting in a stern look from Cosmo.

“Vell not as quick as you vare old man!” Cosmo pounced back,resulting in a chuckle from (Y/N).

All the group sits down,engaging in gossip from the previous night.Bruce and Natasha was confirmed,so was Vision and Wanda (much to Cosmo’s protest).Steve got with a spy, the usual antics.

Tony leapt up.

“Announcement time! Everyone gather up,even you Miss Hickey” he shouted,pointing at (Y/N) who was oblivious to the situation.

“Whaaaaat?” (Y/N) shouts.

No response.

“Can I have my little announcement?” Tony asks in a divaish tone.

“Not until you speak up about what’s so funny.” (Y/N) was furious at being made fun of.

“Nat?” Tony turns to.

Nat leans over into (Y/N)’s ear and whispers.

“Quicky over there has gave you a love bite,otherwise known as a Hickey.We can see the mark” (Y/N)’s face went bright red,covering up the mark with her hands.

The group laughed.

“Cosmo why didn’t you say anything?” (Y/N) asked,still red from embarrassment.

“What I vite…So vat?” he grinned.

“I have a bright red mark on my neck!” (Y/N) said,pointing out the obvious.

Cosmo took a step closer and put his arms around (Y/N).

“Now everyone knows zat you’re vine!” he joked, kissing (Y/N) on the forehead.

“So know that little moment is out of the way.I think it is time for a vacation” Tony said, holding in a pause.

“WHAAAAT!!!!!!!!” the rest of the group jumped in surprise.

“So get you things kiddies,time for a little relaxing in the sun”.

  • Captain Rex: [hick drawl] Hey, look everybody! It's Boss Sheev!
  • The entire Clone army: YEE-HAW!
  • Palpatine: ....I've been away from home longer than I thought. [Rex runs up and shakes Palpatine's hand]
  • Rex: [hick drawl] Well, howdy, Boss! [Palpatine stares at his hand, which is dripping after his minion shook it]
  • Palpatine: Uh...
  • Rex: It's me, Rex. O' course, you remember Appo, Attie, Ayar, Bacara, Bek, Bel, Blackout, Blitz, Blunt, Bly, Boil, Boost, Boro, Bouncer, Bren, Buzz, Cameron, Chopper, Close-Shave, Cody, Comet, Cosmos... [Rex continues introducing the rest of the Clone army until Palpatine ends up crawling on the ground]
  • Palpatine: ALL RIGHT! I GET IT! I mean, uh, come inside. Make yourself at home.