How about some more pieces and bits? Or ENDS AND ODDS, if you will?

1: I was considering the following: Should Professor Fandango be the kind of villain who utilises a variety of terrible disguises to exact his sinister plans?
The answer is no. Not simply because Callisto would see right through them, but also because Fandango is so full of himself that if he goes anywhere, he wants you to know about it.
2: A tiny detail I didn’t mention earlier, but Callisto wields her gun with two hands. Firstly because she’s a goddamned professional but also because it would save on resources if ever there was a need to see her in the same position from both sides…
3: Officer Skoll! The sniffiest enforcer at Cosmopol.
4: Here’s another pointless bit of ~~~World Building~~~ Callisto doesn’t wear a skirt; It’s actually a dress. It always has been, but there was never a need to draw her without her jacket. Also wondering what she might look without hat or with water.