Marlene McKinnon, Hestia Jones, Alice Fortescue and Lily Evans exploring the big city

- taken by Dorcas Meadowes, circa 1977


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Kristen Stewart at the Charles Finch + Chanel Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner  at Madeo Restaurant Hollywood. 25.02.2017

The Chanel Ambassador wore a black cashmere top from the Paris-Cosmopolite 2016/2017 collection with a Chanel Spring 2017 black silk and lace skirt from Chanel Spring-Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection and carried a Chanel Gabrielle Bag.

The Face of Chanel added a black leather quilted jacket inside Madeo Restaurant.

A coloring of John Dee’s Hieroglyphicon Britanicon, from the frontispiece to Rare and General Memorials, pertayning the Perfect Arte of Navigation (written in 1577 - 1578). It was designed to urge Queen Elizabeth to pursue the colonization of North America. There’s a great breakdown of the symbols Dee employed in Jim Egan’s Elizabethan America, from Cosmopolite Press. 

The image depicts a sequence of events concerning John Dee’s proposed British Empire and the colonization of North America (which Dee refers to as “Atlantis” on his maps). A common woman on her knees pleads in Greek to Queen Elizabeth (who is joined by Europa and her bull, Zeus) to “Send forth a sailing expedition,” and the banner to her left continues, “to build a steadfast watch-post.” The river depicted represents The John Dee River (which is now called Narragansett Bay), and it is occupied by five ships representing the Cinque Ports, Elizabeth’s naval force. Below the ships, new colonies prosper with trade, well guarded by watchmen to the left. 

In the skies above, YHWH is written in Hebrew, the concept represented as an emanating glory of rays distinct from the sun, moon and stars. The archangel Michael (again labeled in Hebrew) flies overhead; Egan asserts that Michael was inserted as clue towards the location of the proposed colony, as Michael’s numerical value in the Shemhamphorasch is 42, and Dee’s world map placed Rhode Island at 42 degrees latitude north of the equator, and 42 degrees longitude west of the Prime Meridian. 

Below Michael stands a statue of Lady Occasion (a British, female Caerus figure) with a laureled wreath extended towards Queen Elizabeth. She stands upon a tetrahedron, the fundamental building block of the geometer’s universe; John Dee has an especial affinity for triangles, and used the Greek letter Delta to sign his own name.

There is far more going on in his Hieroglyphic illustration; Dee was a master of riddles and puzzles. The Latin banner which accompanies the original frontispiece states: “Plura latent quam patent,” which Egan translates as “More is hidden than is out in the open.”

Il primo nemico dell'Europa non è l'America, non sono le multinazionali e nemmeno le lobby cosmopolite. Il primo nemico sei tu, sono io, siamo noi. Il nemico in me è più pericoloso del nemico in sé.

Gabriele Adinolfi

my favorite part of the “holohoax” is that it’s assumed that the soviet union faked it because no one else really was nearby and had enough resources, but after the WW2 and the establishing of the state of Israel its relationships with the USSR plummeted, it became a strong ally/proxy of the US, and Stalin went back to the old tricks with persecuting “cosmopolites”, or dare I say, (((cosmopolites))).

obviously, “the biggest thing in this war was a lie, we know it, and if we make it public and show the evidence, then, since antisemitic tendencies worldwide still exist, everyone will turn your country into radioactive dust and you know it, so you better do what we say” is such an enormous trump card in diplomatic relationships that it’s impossible to explain why the USSR didn’t just play it and make Israel their bitch (”they actually liked the Jews because Communism is some Jewish shit” is right out because of the aforementioned).

now if you point that out to the holohoaxers they generally shrug and say “well we can’t just ASSUME why the sneaky jews did what they did, who even KNOWS” when actually the entire holocaust denial thing is built entirely on discarding any available evidence and randomly assuming who did what, be consistent for once in your life, you wehraboo shits

« De même que le capitalisme ravage, pille et pollue la nature et la terre et le ciel, il décompose les cultures pour les anéantir en les digérant vivantes et anesthésiées par l’argent.

L’exploitation capitaliste a un besoin vital des cultures pour se développer, mais en même temps, son développement même détruit les cultures comme le parasite détruit le corps dont il vit. Peu à peu, nous voyons les nations devenir des zones d’occupation américaines (ZOA) soumises aux seuls impératifs économiques du système cosmo-capitaliste déguisé en capital-démocraties. Une grande partie de l’Europe occidentale n’est plus qu’une ZOA en vente libre à n’importe quel offrant.

De même que les Etats Unis se sont d’abord constitués contre leur culture et pour des raisons commerciales, de même une certaine Europe marchande est prête à abdiquer son identité culturelle pour conserver ses bénéfices quitte à subir une triple colonisation : celle d’en haut, par l’argent et l’ hégémonie des cosmopolites, celle d’en bas part l’importation massive d’une main d’œuvre bon marché et qui s’installe dans le peuple, celle du milieu à l’encouragement à la consommation sans reproduction, parasite de parasite. Au bout du processus, la logique du désastre nous conduit à la mort culturelle avant la mort tout court.

Il faut montrer que le monde libre n’est plus cette big happy family de l’idéologie USAïque, ni cette fraternité de l’idéologie bourgeoise, ni cette égalité de l’ idéologie cosmopolite, car la famille serait plutôt celle des Atrides, et la fraternité, celle qui commence comme Abel pour finir comme Caïn. L’immense camp de consommation rempli par des masses d’acheteurs réduits à l’état d’êtres humains totalement déculturés sous la présidence du Président Directeur Général M. Personne qui veille au bonheur tranquillisant de M. Tout Le Monde comme le psychiatre-chef d’un grand magasin que l’on prendrait pour Dieu au Paradis, c’est la république de la pub et du fric, la Répubfric ».

Henri Gobard : « La guerre culturelle »