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I think that women’s lives are multilayered. I have no problem understanding that women are interested in mascara and the Middle East. Men are allowed to talk about sports relentlessly and yet we still take them seriously. I don’t understand why women can’t talk about fashion, or sex, or love or wanting more money and not be taken as seriously as men.

I thought this was a great article showing the social stereotypes placed on women being sexualized! Does anyone else notice almost all these labels are negative? Judging women by their clothing, everyone does it but do we do the same to men?

Cosmopolitan, April 1967 – when computer programming was considered an ideal woman’s occupation.

In an article titled “The Computer Girls,” the magazine described the field as offering better job opportunities for women than many other professional careers. As computer scientist Dr. Grace Hopper told a reporter, programming was “just like planning a dinner. You have to plan ahead and schedule everything so that it’s ready when you need it…. Women are ‘naturals’ at computer programming.” 


Cosmo Used White Models For “Gorgeous” Trends And Black Models For Trends That Needed To “Die”

“Cosmopolitan has been heavily criticised over its choice of models in an online article about beauty trends in 2015.

The online version of the magazine compared “gorgeous” fashion and beauty trends with those that needed to “die”.

For the 21 trends that were “gorgeous”, every single photo used was of a white woman, apart from Nicole Richie who is bi-racial.

For the trends that needed to “die”, almost a fifth were illustrated with a woman of colour.”

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Then read this: Dear White folks who are mad at Michelle Obama for saying Black Girls Rock

HEY COSMO! The verdict is in on your beauty standards -

A Brief "How to" Article for Women

How to get a bikini body:
1) buy a bikini
2) put it on

How to get boys to like you:
1) find a boy—yes, any boy.
2) talk to him

How to dress in style:
1) wear what you like

How to get the perfect summer bod:
1) have a human body
2) go on summer vacation

How to get lots of cool friends:
1) be yourself
2) find people who like that self

How act like a woman:
1) however the fuck you want