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Image Source: U.K. Cosmopolitan

Fresh Air book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews What She Ate by Laura Shapiro:

Shapiro’s fascinating new book is called What She Ate, and it focuses on the lives of six women from different centuries and continents — all prominent to different degrees. Among them are Dorothy Wordsworth, the poet’s shy, worshipful sister; Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress and 11-hour wife; and Helen Gurley Brown, the whippet-thin, legendary editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.

All six women have been the subjects of earlier biographies, but, as Shapiro points out: “Biography, as it’s traditionally practiced still tends to honor the old fashioned custom of keeping a polite distance from food.” In contrast, Shapiro likens her method of biographical research to “standing in line at the supermarket and peering into the other carts.”

‘What She Ate’ Reveals The Plates And Palates Of 6 Notable Women

A Brief "How to" Article for Women

How to get a bikini body:
1) buy a bikini
2) put it on

How to get boys to like you:
1) find a boy—yes, any boy.
2) talk to him

How to dress in style:
1) wear what you like

How to get the perfect summer bod:
1) have a human body
2) go on summer vacation

How to get lots of cool friends:
1) be yourself
2) find people who like that self

How act like a woman:
1) however the fuck you want