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Dear Elle, Cosmo, GQ & Marie Claire: Thank You

I guess I’m always going on about how our local magazines should feature more local stars in them. Hell, I give them a pretty hard time about ignoring our local, homegrown stars. I’ve been pretty hard on GQ for a couple of years now. And who can blame me? There’s so many local stars to profile. Many models, actors and sports stars who are cover worthy!

So July/August has been a great month, mainly because these magazines have featured local faces on their covers. 

Elle had Tarina Patel for their July issue and for August they have Oluchi Orlandi. While Oluchi is Nigerian, I still claim her because she’s an African lass who rarely ever features in African versions of International glossies! For that, well done Jackie Burger and team. 

GQ had model, Nicole Meyer on their July issue. Pity about the JGL cover story which is a year old. But Piet Smedy did an okay job with Nicole’s story. And the pictures were perfect for GQ and the cover as classy as GQ could go. For that, thanks a lot Craig Tyson. Now may we have some more local stars? 

Cosmo had media darling and one of my favourite TV personalities, Bonang Matheba on the cover for July. The only local mainstream cover Bonang now needs is GQ, Marie Claire and Women"s Health. She’s done them all, with the exception of the Afrikaans titles, which I suppose, are very niche. So well done Cathy Lund and team. 

Marie Claire surprised me the most. I love these covers with HSH Princess Charlene, Ryk Neethling and Chad le Clos. It’s beautiful and it’s even better because it’s for a cause. Thanks Aspasia Karras and team! 

I’ve got the GQ, Elle and Cosmo covers. I’ve going to get Elle and Marie Claire next week.  So please, let’s support local cover stories. You DO know that if the sales are great, then that means that local editors will start having more local stars on their covers? 

I’m happy. I really am and it’s about damn time! We can’t just rely on RollingStoneSA alone now, can we? 

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