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Kailaboration, September 2017 - Chelsea Pool (Shower) of The Cosmopolitan @ Las Vegas, Nevada. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Jay-Z, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent, photographed during Hov’s New Years Eve party celebrating the grand opening of the Marquee nightclub, located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, in Las Vegas on December 31, 2010. 

Earlier that evening Hov and Coldplay had played a private concert inside the hotel’s event center, then everyone headed to Marquee to ring in the new year. At the stroke of midnight Jay took the microphone from the DJ booth and wished everyone in the room a Happy New Year—sending a specific message of love to “B.”

50 and Money May were among the hundreds of celebrities present at the party, which lasted until 5:30 AM. The Queens rapper knew that Hov wasn’t really fucking with his boxing friend anymore, as apparently he had been caught speaking recklessly about his wife Beyoncé. So Fif, as an apparent New Years resolution, decided to bring May over to Jay so they could talk it out and settle their beef. When Beyoncé saw 50 approaching their VIP section she jumped the ledge and stepped to him, because she felt he had been speaking bad on Hov’s name for too long. Apparently her message to Fif went something along the lines of: “What? Wassup? That Bonnie and Clyde for real. You gonna try this or what boy? I’m here!” Hov’s reaction to her ride-or-die proclamation was his trademark smirk and laugh, along with “You know what it is, man.”

Earlier that year on September 3, during Hov and Eminem’s “Home & Home Tour” stop at Comerica Park, the two rappers had spoken and settled their 11-year back-and-forth. According to 50 he approached Jay backstage, saying “What’s up nigga, we gonna kill each other or what?!” Jay’s response was: “And fuck up the money? I ain’t with it!”


Living Las Vegas by Thomas Hawk

the-art-traveler  asked:

In a delightfully creepy blogpost about the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, you said you believe in ghost. Have you ever seen any??

Yes. I don’t try to explain ghosts — that’s when you start looking like an idiot. But I don’t feel idiotic at all to say the phenomena happened, any of the times that it did. I was there; I know myself. I’m not going to say I haven’t seen or experienced anything if I have. It would be like saying that lightning didn’t exist if I couldn’t explain why it existed.

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