21  Things You Never Knew About Justin Bieber

1. Full name: Justin Drew Bieber

2. My first show was in: Tulsa, Oklahoma

3. ​I really want to collaborate with: ​John Mayer

4. ​Top three songs on my iPod: ​"Too Hollygrove to Go,“ "Hollywood,” “No Longer Slaves”

5. Go-to karaoke song: ​"Let It Be"

6. ​Favorite summer song: ​"Teenage Dream"

7. ​Favorite Canadian staples: ​ketchup chips, Tim Hortons doughnuts, poutine

8. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I watch: Scandal

9. ​First drink I ordered legally: ​beer

10. ​I’m secretly terrified of: ​spiders

11. ​My favorite tattoo is my: ​owl

12. And the next one I’m getting is a: ​tramp stamp, LOL

13. ​Style I hate on girls: ​gladiator sandals

14. ​Style I love: ​booty shorts

15. ​One things I’ve learned about women is: ​They are complicated.

16. ​The sexiest thing about a woman is: ​her attitude

17. ​My first kiss was: ​at a snowhill

18. ​Pet peeve: ​waiting on slow Internet

19. ​Most embarrassing moment: ​running into glass

20. One thing even Beliebers don’t know about me is: ​I can hold my breath underwater for two minutes.

21. Best joke from my roast: ​Someone said that Kevin Hart had to be back on Shaq’s keychain by the end of the night.

Source: Cosmopolitan


Justin Bieber | Behind the Scenes | Cosmopolitan


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