Why Were Are Here! is a 1959 book written by former flight attendant Gloria Lee.

“Lee claimed to be in telepathic communication with an entity known as JW, who lived on the planet Jupiter, and began to assemble a book of his spiritual teachings as dictated to her. At his direction she founded the Cosmon Research Foundation for the purpose of publication and study of JW’s superhuman wisdom.”

“She developed a plan for world peace and a space station design and took them to Washington D.C. in late 1962 in an attempt to bring them to the attention of officials. However, after being rebuffed, she launched a hunger strike or protest fast, telling others in the UFO contactee community that she expected to enter a coma resembling death, then “return” with renewed spiritual energy to carry on her “great work”. However, the press were not notified of Lee’s hunger strike until some time after it had begun, and she attracted no publicity. After approximately 66 days without eating, she was taken to George Washington University Hospital. She died there on December 3, 1962, aged 37.”

“We shall land quickly. Be with us in love. If you wait for us to come to you first, the time will be short. You will have to be rushed to meet the schedule we have set up. But if you should come to meet us, we can land before you reach our landing spot. You must wait until we tell you to approach our ships! The ships we fly are surrounded by a magnetic field of force which could injure you if you come to us before we tell you it is safe”

- Gloria Lee, Why We Are Here!, p. 140