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MINKPINK x Cosmo Maxi dress c/o Market HQ | EVA P1 Sunnies c/o Gentle Monster | H&M Blazer | Hila Binyamin Necklace

Ho ho ho! I hope everyones been enjoying the Christmas break so far. So happy to have caught up on sleep, get the house all cleaned up and had time to get out and be under the sun at the beach. Been a good girl this year and stayed away from the boxing day shopping spree! Didn’t think I can handle the crowd :D. I’m not sure if any of you small framed girls experience the same thing, but I always get shoved around and have people walk into me in crowds. It’s always a game of who blinks first and I never win! I’ve yet to try wear a studded jacket out in a crowd and try and see if my experience will change haha.

Anyhow, I’m wearing a lovely maxi dress in today’s outfit share. This is a one of a kind pieced designed by the fashion editors at Cosmopolitan magazine with the design gurus at MarketHQ. Love the prints on this piece and is just perfect for the Summer. 

More pics with the link below, and happy weekend everyone!

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