cosmology maybe

@blueossa replied to your photoset “Clara: Happy birthday, kiddo. Chiana: Thanks, mom. And that’s the end…”

Hey! quick question: do you remember where you found that painting from the first photo? The one with the “virgin Mary in blue” vibe going on?

It’s another cool Back to Retro recolor by Simhow! (So is the one next to it, actually, though from a different set.) There’s two other ‘scientist saint’ paintings in that set too.

I’m really enjoying General Relativity?? I don’t know 100% what’s going on but I like the course??? The prof is really nice and old-school and his name is Dennis (which reminds me of @roundlittledog) and it’s just interesting??

Like there’s just way too much math for me to ever be a theoretical cosmologist but I’m really surprised that my favourite modules this year have been cosmology and general relativity. Maybe I’ll become an observational cosmologist (if anything) because I do enjoy large-scale galaxy-cluster type work so who knows??

ianto jones:

  • is brilliant. like, actual genius-level smart. he went to cambridge university and majored in astronomy, then got his masters’ at a school in france. he wanted to go into cosmology, hopefully teach and maybe get a doctorate, before he was recruited by torchwood one.
  • he had wanted to be a college professor since he was small because of his great-uncle, a world-famous archaeologist whom he absolutely adored. he grew up hearing crazy stories from him - about biblical magic and ancient temples, lost relics and wild chases and dastardly villains. 
  • (he eventually decided that from what he heard from his great-uncle, being a college professor sounded like a neat job, but he could do without people trying to kill him, so he became a scientist instead of an archaeologist.)
  • is roman catholic. he’s been roman catholic all his life and he’s had exactly one instance where he hit upon the thought that wanting to kiss boys might be a problem concerning religion. he thought it over and promptly decided that it would not be because, well? that didn’t make any sense! he was ten.
  • is ncredibly literate (favorite books are paradise lost, wuthering heights and notre-dame de paris) and knows a huge amount about all manner of things. tosh, who in college double-majored in ancient studies (and actually ended up taking a couple of classes with ianto’s great-uncle) and computer science, spends a lot of time discussing history and science with him.
  • speaks english as a first language and french as a second, plus portuguese, spanish, arabic and latin well enough. he can read hieroglyphs and sanskrit with minimal skill. (this also thanks to his great-uncle.)
  • is actually and rather obscurely part of the aragonese royal family, distantly, hence his first name. no title, but the claim to fame that one of his ancestors knew dante.
  • he’s a brilliant actor. generally not professional, but he did get on board at gwen’s urging in a production of julius caesar that andy was stage-managing for. his brutus brought the entire audience and not a few members of the company to tears. 
  • is an incredible cook. gwen, who can manage to mess up microwaving top ramen, is constantly in awe.
  • is generally the person among team torchwood one can count on for feeling better - you can show up to his apartment if you’ve had a shitty day, as gwen and tosh will do most often, and just ask him for a couple minutes and someone to vent to. occasionally gwen’s therapy sessions about all manner of things (her pitiable cooking skills, whether jack thinks she’s a good team member, why she gets butterflies in her stomach around tosh when they all go out for a fancy dinner) end with her and ianto marathoning parks and recreation and ordering takeout. same goes for tosh. it’s even happened with owen a couple times.
  • loves jack a lot - loves all the people he cares for a lot - but isn’t overly obsessed with him. he’s kind of a solitary person, and very introspective; the joke is that had torchwood one not snapped him up, he could have gone on to become a man of the cloth. it’s very easy to get drawn in by jack, by his byronicism and charisma, become caught up in him and obsessed by all the things that are incomprehensible and fearful about him, but ianto never does. he loves jack, but he’s careful. he keeps himself about him. (later, gwen wishes that she had done the same.)