Cosmographic Head, by Brian Benson. This is B5 sized ink drawing done on watercolour paper in about 1996. Products bearing this image are available from
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Art of the Day: Cosmographia Universalis
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Sebastian Münster, a German cartographer, cosmographer, and Hebrew scholar, worked at the University of Basel. His Universal Cosmography, first published in 1544, was the earliest German description of the world. It was published in multiple editions, including translations into Latin, French, English, and Italian. Learn more about this object in our art site:

“Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.” 🚀🌞✨
“Drift” by Jason Hernandez (@jasonhernandezart) for his feature Celestial Comfort on view now in our dark room through July 30th.
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The State Hall library, measuring 77.7 metres long and completed in 1726, houses 200,000 books in Austria’s capital, Vienna. 

Among the valuable literary works here (such as much of Martin Luther’s writings) you’ll find treasures of other varieties. For instance, ornate and detailed globes attributed to Vincenzo Coronelli, a Franciscan friar, cosmographer, cartographer, publisher, and encyclopedist who was best known for his atlases and globes.

You’ll also find marble statues expertly carved by brothers who have the delightfully appros Austrian surname of Strudel (mmmm… apple pastries). And don’t miss the frescos.

Of course, as any good library can boast, there are hidden bookcase doors, spiral staircases, wheeling ladders, illuminated manuscripts and literary gems in abundance.

After my visit, I grinned for hours.