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So me and my brother were thinking

in the episode of fairly odd parents called “momnipresent”, timmy’s mom states first that she worked for the cia and then that she was a double agent for the russians. the show started in 2001, which would have made timmy, who’s canonically ten years old, born in 1991. in another episode, timmy visits the past and witnesses his parents and crocker as ten year olds in the early 1970s. in momnipresent timmy’s mom is shown to be fluent in russian and is still on good terms with the russian government, as a general in a submarine greets her respectfully. she doesn’t look traditionally russian, which would make her a good candidate for the russian government to send over as a spy during the cold war. she also states in momnipresent that she is no longer working for the cia, but says nothing about the russian government.
tldr, timmy’s mom is a communist spy working for the russian government.


Breathing in galaxies and breathing out realities 🌜⭐ a piece for a very dear one, who after all these years still keeps in contact and humbles me to the fact that there are souls out there with hearts so big 💜

(i was tagged by a few people to korok-kael but i wanted to post here too)

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  1. name:  kael
  2. nicknames:  ko !!
  3. birthday:  march 12  
  4. zodiac sign:  pisces  
  5. Height:   5′ 11″ ! trees attack me because im so glorious
  6. orientation:  west
  7. nationality:   sad
  8. favorite fruit:  cherries and strawberries !!  
  9. favorite season:  spring / california winter (which is also spring)
  10. favorite flower:  so many ! flowers hold a lot of significant meaning to me ! i’ll list that all in the tags ah ha, 
  11. favorite scent:  t h e  r a i n  : ) no one is more basic than me
  12. favorite book:
  13. coffee / tea / hot cocoa:  i drink coffee more than tea but tea is v important and sacred to me ,
  14. average sleep hours:  i’ll usually either get 4 hours or 12 hours , never in between woops
  15. cat or dog person:  i have two cats accept one of then is a dog so idk  
  16. favorite fictional character:  saria and celeste are both super important to me bc i would spend so much time around them as a child, also brewster and all of my harvest moon wives lmao
  17. number of blankets you sleep with:  one big one and my cats act like blankets too , i have like, 5 on my bed but idont use them : )
  18. blog created:  i started @korok-kael 6 months ago !!! pinekid tho i started in 2010 ; )
  19. number of followers:  25,000+ between my 3 blogs !  (3k on the ac one, pinekid has almost 18k and my   a e s t h e t i c  /witch one has 5k)
  20. random fact:   i !!! … am tired !!! :‘ )

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Fairy Tail + Pink-Haired Characters

     ⇉ requested by anonymous

Thank you so much for requesting! ^_^ I think those are all pink-haired characters in Fairy Tail. Also, I used the unofficial spelling of Chelia’s name since it’s more popular and people use it more often. The official one is Sherria Blendy. ^_^