cosmo girl!


CosmoGirl was an American magazine published from 1999 until 2008. The teenage spin-off of Cosmopolitan magazine, it targeted teenage girls and featured fashion and celebrities. It was published ten times a year and reached approximately eight million readers before folding. The last issue was December 2008” - I miss the magazines that existed during the early 2000s, they truly were the best


Happy Blackout Day! My name is Sophia and I’m a scifi writer! I have two books on amazon. One is a scifi mystery about a black girl named Cosmo. My second book is a short romance story about black love in space!

Also sometimes I tweet things.


i’m so proud that i’m almost finishing it and i have to say this. “the girl of cosmos” will be a lot of things for sure and i can’t wait for you to experience it. i can’t possibly spoil you with the main part of it, so here’s a sample from the final part of the poetry book that contains various artworks and lyrics I’ve written in the past. and for those who may question, yeah, it will be b&w only