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athena and edgeworth?

Roleswap: Athena and Edgeworth

Miles Edgworth, the Psychological Attorney: Having been raised at the Cosmos Space Centre, Miles Edgeworth has a fascination with Astronomy, as well as a deep interest in his father’s field of Psychology. After a series of traumatic events including the tragic death of his father, Edgeworth decided to become a defence attorney. His introverted nature makes it difficult for him to get his emotions across, but his electronic pal PES (Personal Emotion System) is always there to help him communicate.

Prosecutor Athena Cykes: After a horrific courthouse accident which claimed the life of her mother, Athena Cykes was adopted by the prestigious Von Karma family. Her foster father Manfred von Karma quickly took advantage of her ability to hear people’s hearts and taught her to weaponize it with deadly accuracy. Athena is skilled at psychological manipulation and is cold, confident, a little violent. Despite this, deep down, she is in deep turmoil about her mother’s death, and hopes that her winning prosecutorial streak will someday absolve her of her sins. It’s also rumoured that she has a secret fondness for Shipshape Aquarium’s Swashbuckler Spectacular shows.


The kind folks at the Glasgow Science Centre were lovely enough to invite me to see the newly refurbished Planetarium ahead of its opening on the 5th of September! ^~^

If you’re ever in Glasgow you must see this place it’s amazing

The 15m diameter dome is illuminated by two (2!) high-resolution projectors with real-time images of space and is capable of taking you on a trip from our tiny planet all the way through the solar system, visiting the other planets on the way, to outside our galaxy, then to so far away from home that you can see only quasars, and even so far that you end up outside the universe. You can also see a real-time view of the ISS there. The results are stunning, and though my photos don’t do it justice, the experience of sitting in that planetarium flying through space is so immersive it really feels like you’re moving. And I got to experience that for free (thanks GSC)

The adventure through space is presented by a live speaker, Steve Owens, who’s a science communicator and resident astronomer at the Science Centre, and also the manager of the Planetarium. He studied the same degree as I’m doing at the same university so there’s a shred of hope for me in life yet. Steve is a charismatic speaker and delivered an excellent show for us invited to the planetarium, and he also speaks at several other events at the Science Centre. He’s the author of the book Stargazing for Dummies and writes for Astronomy Now monthly. His presentation at the planetarium is fantastic and engaging, and definitely something I rate highly for anyone in Glasgow to go and see

i must visit it again and take lots of people with me

I’m so impressed with the upgraded Planetarium and I super mega recommend you to visit it if you’re in Glasgow now or ever are about here. It’s really a breathtaking experience to see space on all scales in such beautiful clarity like I saw at the GSC ^.^

Thank you again to the Glasgow Science Centre for the invitation to see the new exhibit!