cosmo beauty tips

Cosmo Beauty Tip #208570384: 

Villager 2? More like Villager 2 Hot! 

Try living 5 miles underground with the children you inherited from your dead mentor, then engage in a battle with your insane ex-coworker! The stinging chasmal hollowness of your empty heart will lift and hydrate like the concrete sewage pipes currently being smashed apart over your head ♥  

beauty tips for the signs

Aries: A red makeup product should always be on hand, such as a red lipstick or fiery red eye shadow. Be sure to encourparate this color in your outfits, too.

Taurus: It’s okay to put time and money into your outfits. If they make you happy, then go for it. Hint: you look especially good in pastel outfits.

Gemini: Go through your closet and donate all the clothes you don’t wear. Then, use your money and go buy a nice beige lipstick.

Cancer: You would look rly cute in a rosy nail polish.

Leo: You know that bold dress you’ve been eyeing for a while now? Treat yo’ self. Oh, and grab a gold liquid liner while you’re at it.

Virgo: You’ve never tried highlighter? No? Go buy some, and see the wonderful goddess you become (not that you aren’t already a goddess, ofc).

Libra: Try out a heavy statement necklace. Oh, and smile more. You’re beautiful when you do.

Scorpio: Expirement with different lipsticks, like pink or dark brown.

Sagittarius: You totally pull of the lazy big t-shirt look (I mean, who doesn’t, but you super do). Rock on mate.

Capricorn: Surprisingly, you totally love attention when it comes to your physical self. Show off those curves, B!

Aquarius: You love to change your hair around, and I totally don’t blame you. It’s fun to try new looks. Next time, go for a retro look.

Pisces: You believe in inner beauty. But also, remember to do something good for yourself once in a while, like exfoliate your skin.