cosmo and wanda cosplay


So @damit-im-a-doctor-not-a-timelord and I went to day one of Anime Expo as a Punk!Cosmo and Wanda! It was so much fucking fun guys!
Cosmo: @damit-im-a-doctor-not-a-timelord
Wanda: Me


Some of the people we met at Comic Con (Part 2)

28th May 2017 - MCM Comic Con London.

Taken by me.

Part 1 - (x)

Part 2 - Here.

More Cosplays - (x)


Part 4/5 of my pics from anime matsuri!!! If you see yourself, send me an ask and I’ll tag you!!

@kagubae was Kaneki and @phenyx was Tsukiyama!


Some of my favorite cosplays at Dutch Comic Con 2015: Minions, Ace Ventura, BMO, Fairly Odd Parents, Maid Deadpool, The Powerpuff Girls and Him, Fry, Roxie Richter, and two Ramonas!