I’M BASICALLY THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH????????????????? i really really am!!!!! this cutie’s moving in tomorrow and i couldn’t be happier :’) i still don’t know where i’m going to place his house but hopefully i’ll find a good spot for him tomorrow. MIMI IS THE GREATEST PERSON ON EARTH FOR GIVING HIM TO ME, i’m so happy, i wanna smooch mimi so much 

ahhh sorry for the half assed sheet \; w ;/ Im open for bell commissions now!!!

I will accept only 3 slots atm!!


  • Extra characters include another mayor or villagers of your choice!
  • For the bell payment I will be the one getting in your town to retire it ! ’ w ’
  • I will contact you, telling you Im done with the work so we can exchange codes and you can open your town gate for me! (we have to agree on the meeting time though because I know there could be different timezones!!! mine is UTC+1)
  • After the payment is made I will show you the picture I drew♥