An AraFef fanmix!
Cover Art: cosmickonett
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track list:

i and love and you - avett brothersthat woman she’s got eyes that shine / like a pair of stolen polished dimes / she asked to dance i said it’s fine  / i’ll see you in the morning time

who’d have known - lily allen

are you mine? are you mine? / cos i stay here all the time, / watching telly, drinking wine, / who’d have known, who’d have known? / when you flash up on my phone, / i no longer feel alone / no longer feel alone

bubbly - colbie cailliat

i’ve been awake for a while now / you’ve got me feelin’ like a child now /cause every time i see your bubbly face / i get the tingles in a silly place

the bird and the worm - owl city

you and I left our troubles far behind / troubles far behind / but i still have just one more question on my mind / for all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas / with fronds like these well, who needs anemones?

hot summer night - grace potter

oh babe you make me feel like it’s a / hot summer night / even though it’s the middle of the winter / and it’s really bad weather /it’s a hot summer night /when I’m next to you, baby 

make out - frenchy and the punk

meet me in the parking lot / we’ll hide behind that old red truck / and make out / make out / make out

she - edie brickell

she moves in simple curves / she speaks in simple words / and it’s simple to be in love with her / and it’s simple to be in love with her

put your records on - corinne bailey rae

girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song / you go ahead, let your hair down / sapphire and faded jeans, i hope you get your dreams / just go ahead, let your hair down

So … I commissioned this. I saw that cosmickonett was open to submissions, and I really like their art style soooo … smiling Ayrenn, everyone! Really, this was born out of my frustration that we don’t see a lot of chances to see her ‘happy’ in-game. See this as a snapshot of her right after she gets back from her time abroad, but before the affairs of state start to weigh on her.

Angel was a total pro to work with, and if you are looking to do a commission I highly highly recommend her. 


“True Love’s Smooch”

Angel and mine Super Short is online!!!