Only a few days away from releasing the Cosmic Comic, I decided to get crafty and make some jewelry.

$5.50 for earrings and brooches, and if you use the code SHARETHELOVE when you checkout, you can get 14% off!


Preorders for the #cosmiccomic are now up on! It’s $4. They’ll be shipped out on 2/25 and only preorders include FREE handmade stickers so get them while you can!

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(A sketch from the Cosmic Comic)

I try to draw as many details as I can when working out my ideas for the comic. It’s a sketch after all so things aren’t perfect. You can see where things have been adjusted or where I’m thinking of placement. However, the more details I can fit into the sketch the easier it is for me to perfect it on the computer.


I’m slowly but surely drawing my way towards the end of the #cosmiccomic

I think I might break away from squares and throw in some full landscaped scrapbook style drawings in there.

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I have no idea how some artists can have a consistent drawing style. I am not one of them. But then again I am always changing and growing as person. It would make sense that my art would reflect my state of being. Which is cool with me .😘

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