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cosmicbloom-deactivated20180312  asked:

Your job sounds so interesting! If it isn't too much trouble, can I ask what you went to school for/how long and how you found your job?

Hey sure!  I got my Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2003, and then went to law school and got my J.D. in 2007.  (Luckily, I passed the bar exam even though I skipped out of a few days of bar review classes to be in the Back In Your Head music video on the other side of the country two weeks before the bar… it was the most insane thing I’d ever done and I was terrified and knew no one there, but how could I not go when they were asking for extras?!?)

I had a rough time coming out in college (coming out in the 90′s in Georgia was not so awesome), and after that experience, I really wanted to work in LGBT advocacy.  Law school seemed like the best way to do that, though I’ve since learned that it’s not the best or only way!  I did internships with the ACLU of Georgia and Lambda Legal and Atlanta Legal Aid when I was in law school, and I got out of school and got a fellowship with the Alliance for Justice in DC!  I was working a few temp jobs after that position ended and a fellow unemployed attorney sent me the job opening in the Office of Human Rights!  They actually didn’t hire me right away (they hired my co-worker and friend Nellie instead, ha) but a few months later they had another opening and had kept me in mind.  :)  The process definitely doesn’t always make sense and I’m still working on it.  I’d still love to get to be a staff attorney for the ACLU or Lambda Legal, since those are organizations I really respect, so we’ll see!


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