“She’s pretty amazing at making you feel bad about yourself. She’s such a lover of humanity, of animals and of all walks of life, and she’s such a giving person, and that transcends to her acting. She’s very giving, in every sense of the word, and she’s kind of a smart ass, and so am I. We get along that way, and that’s huge for Michael and Nikita, and for Shane and Maggie as well. We already care about each other a lot as actors, and I think that will show itself on screen.” Shane West on Maggie Q

14 times when Phil had no chill about Skye

I was going to post this yesterday as the finale to my ‘Skye’s Relationships’ series, but I changed my mind because it’s more Coulson-centric and I didn’t want to detract from the #celebratingSkye theme.

So here we have 14 occasions from the back half of S2 when Phil had no chill about Skye - sometimes to her face, or at least in her presence: 

1 - Is that what you want to do? Run?

2 - Skye is not a weapon.

3 - You want her, you go through me!

4 - Hey, Trip was not your fault.

5 - Slow-mo running towards a girl is always platonic, right?

6 - The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

7 - Because you’re one of the few people I can trust.

8 - Earlier today, with Skye, just didn’t feel right…

9 - I lost her…

10 - Skye? Coulson  (Ward who?)

11 - I had her….

12 - Team Skoulson missioning: Coulson trusts Skye to have his back

13 - See you tomorrow…

14 - We’ll take it slow.

These are not the only occasions on which Coulson made his feelings about Skye plain to someone, including Skye herself, but these are the ones that really struck me as I was re-watching the back half of S2 for fic purposes.


“You were a cosmic lover and we were dancing with God on the edge of the universe. We decided not to die. Innocence lost within the sheets and the silence and the skin. Nights in the city where roses bled through gates. Bodies, all over, arms and pillows and hair and silence. I was born somewhere in between your hands and the calm. Whiskey and honey, french perfume, lengthened silence, depth, space, your eyelids. Silences, your mouth, your lips, and I was reborn. Broken silence for you. Moments of light and the belief in possibility. Existence a priori. I found myself sacrificing my self-preservation. I gave my God away. Existence a posteriori. Silence with an end as the result of trusting my faith in the callused hand of a false deity. I hope you’ll be a better boy, my friend.”


Balkan Beat Box- Dancing with the Moon

tfw you hear a song that is fucking fantastic and you can’t pick which ship you want to associate it with.



A Finger, Two Dots, then Me by Derrick Brown

This… just this. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
This is the kind of romance we should all aim for. The kind that transcends this mortal plane. Something that goes BEYOND our reality and our perceptions. Can’t you people see that we are JUST souls passing through? And at that, only HALF of a soul?

I believe this life is a search for our cosmic soul mate– our intergalactic lover.
Would you be mine?

Aurora Flora 

After WEEKS of not having enough time to string a few words together, I was finally able to make some progress today on my DaveJade post-Sburb fic. Here’s a tease without any formatting because Tumblr mobile is practically useless.

You peek into the cabin before kicking the door open and aiming at the opposite wall, which is presently being cut through by a white flame. You’re going to knee cap the first asshole through the hole for going through the wall instead of the door. It’s going to be a total pain to fix. Rude! 

 Dave slides up behind you. “I dunno, Jade, they seem pretty friendly to me.” You don’t respond, which of course prompts him to keep going. “Sounds like a regular welcome party out there. Just cheering crowds and fruit baskets. Do you think there’s cake? I hope there’s cake. I haven’t had cake since John’s birthday…” You might “accidentally” knee cap Dave next.