When Bilbo dies, Thorin is both sad and relieved - sad, because he knows now he will truly never see Bilbo again, because he will no longer be able to watch over him from the Halls of His Fathers now that Bilbo is gone to wherever hobbits go when they die; relieved because Bilbo is finally at peace now. Thorin resigns himself to this fate, because it if it means Bilbo is happy, then that’s enough.

So imagine his surprise when one day not long after, there is a knock on his door and he opens it to find one very familiar Burglar on the doorstep of his rooms, holding two cups of tea. Before Thorin can react, Bilbo says, almost petulantly:

“I once said tea was at four. Apparently, you didn’t listen, because you never listen, do you, and I waited, but you never came. I waited for a few decades, actually, but when you were still late I just assumed you got lost, just like last time. So I decided to come to you instead. To make sure you never got lost again…that I never lost you again.”

And really it’s a wonder no tea is spilt when Thorin hugs him and holds on to him for dear life (oh the irony). Thorin doesn’t really care how Bilbo managed to come where he was never supposed to go, as long as he is here, but he asks anyway, and Bilbo just shrugs and says that the Vala decided to make an exception with him on the account of something along the lines of loyalty, honour and a willing heart.

(they are together in the afterlife, I will fight you on this)

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What about Newt with Tentacruel? And Mako with a Froslass and/or a Glaceon? CHUCK AND HERC WITH A SNUBBUL/GRANBULL. I really like the idea of the kaidanovskys with a Beartic. I could also see Tendo with a Klinklang and a Rotom and a Magnezone helping him out. What about Pentecost? I could see him having a Houndoom or a Bisharp or a Pokemon that usually leads a group. Hannibal Chau with a Machamp and Garbodor haha. What do you think?

I’m probably gonna agree with most suggestions for Newt lol

Though if it’s gonna be a Pokemon that he’s had since he was a kid, I might have to go with a Poliwag that eventually turns into a Politoed uwu I mean, can you imagine baby Newt with a Poliwag???? And maybe a Dunsparce too hehe.

I’m not sure if I can see Mako with ice Pokemon, since I associate more the burning red of Danger’s core as what really represents who she is, imo….. ​ 

And hahah yeah definitely a Snubbul for them, and maybe a Spearrow/Fearow too?

Yeah, and they’d have an Ursaring too, for sure.

Those Pokemon sound good for Tendo!

I think Pentecost would have a Garchomp and a Luxray! And probably a Braviary too haha.

Hannibal would have a Krookodile hahahaha, and maybe also a Volcarona? Aegislash too maybe for him.

This is how I imagine the Delena makeout scene in 4x17 - 

Damon is waxing on and on something about the sire bond and Elena is just very annoyed with everyone and everything. They’re both screaming at each other and then she suddenly goes quiet while he’s still arguing. Then she says “Screw everything. I don’t care if it’s the sire bond or just ME. But I want this and I’m getting it” And she pushes Damon against a wall and just basically attacks his mouth


Why don't people trust the main Delena blogs here instead of listening to the Stelena blogs?!

Our predictions always come true, the timing maybe a little off but our basic journey predictions haven’t been wrong. Whereas whatever the Stelenians believed haven’t actually happened on the show or have been undone.


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Picture this.Elena is unsired to Damon by the christmas episode and shes thanking Stefan and Damon, then she kisses Damon and says “I love you” and its all snowy and pretty out and Damons like what? And shes like “Damon, I didnt just love you cause I was sired to you. I’ve loved you this whole time” and then theres more dex and Stefans just like “FUCK THIS IM OUT” and leaves Mystic Falls.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the sire bond SL will end so quickly :’(