There is this thing trending on Deviantart atm, the style challenge… So here it goes. Just wanted to do something fun before all hell breaks loose (i mean the finale, of course), and i’ll be forever drawing sad pics full of drama and cosmic angst. Also, i enjoyed drawing it waaay too much, so if anyone wants any other styles or characters, do let me know, i’m in escapist mood anyway :)

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made up fic title meme: "such things come in threes"

Um, hm. I’m not sure what the fuck this is, but, now that I’ve done it, I can reblog the title meme again, so. um. yeah. 
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*whispers* what the fuck—I’m so sorry. 

Such Things Come in Threes
aka Weird Eldritch Shit, or:
Three Times the Force Said, Fuck This

The Jedi and the Sith have their Codes and their little Laws and Rules and all sorts of Truths they abide by. A Code, they think, can rule their lives, and there’s no use praying to the Force, because the Force is not sentient and does not hear.

Jedi and Sith also don’t like being told they are wrong. But they are, they are so very wrong, so very limited in their understanding of the Force that it’s almost embarrassing.

The Force is everything. Fire and ice, atmosphere and earth and oceans and the vacuum of space. The space between systems, the burning gases and pressed minerals of stars and black holes. Every living and every nonliving thing.

It’s also a great big cosmic power, and It gets a bit bored.

The restrictions the Jedi and Sith have imposed upon themselves over the years are boring. If a cosmic being could possibly understand what numbness felt like, then for the last two or three relative seconds of Its existence, the Force has literally been considering juggling planets out of sheer frustration.

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