cosmic withcraft

Fellow Witches!

I’m looking for more blogs to follow, as well as witch friends (I’d really like someone who is a more experienced witch that wouldn’t mind me asking a million questions).

If you post about:
•Cosmic witchcraft
•Green witchcraft
•Your BOS/Grimoire

I’m super super looking for witches whose matron is Artemis!!! 

Witchy Psa

Ima just remind everyone to please be safe with fire if you are around it while doing your witchy things. It’s scary shit when you almost catch something on fire.

Please be safe with fire!

- always have water near you (keep a water bottle in your work space)

- always keep baking soda as well (for oil/grease fires. Lavender is high In oil! Burn lavender with caution! NEVER BURN ESSTENTIAL OIL)