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Hey, space witches! Did you know that thanks to NASA’s Voyager missions in the 70s, we have up-close audio recordings off all the major celestial objects in our solar system. More accurately, they’re recordings of Sol’s electromagnetic waves reflecting off the planets and their respective atmospheres and magnetospheres, translated into sound. It’s great background noise for any cosmic ritual or meditation, esp if you’re trying to invoke a certain planet.









Pluto & Charon (b/c of New Horizons, we have TONS of new audio)

And as if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the discoveries of Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in 1965, we know that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation detectable across the whole sky emits a sound like a brutal howling windstorm. The CMBR is the leftover radiation from the big bang. Cosmic expansion has stretched these waves so far that they have been distorted from high-frequency gamma waves to moderately low-frequency microwaves.

This is audio of the universe’s creation:



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Cosmic Voyage Movie Poster - Directed by Vasili Zhuravlyov with special effects and miniatures designed by Fodor Krasne. USSR, 1939

Despite the fact that Cosmic Voyage features pioneering special effects, the awe-inspiring scenes, i.e. cosmonauts leaping between rocks on the moon, were determined aesthetically incongruous with state-approved socialist realism, and the film was removed from circulation shortly after its release.



A while back, I made a extended version of Japanese electropop group Perfume’s 2016 album, “COSMIC EXPLORER”, reorganising the track list to make it a little more cohesive, and adding the b-sides that did not make it onto the album, putting them in where I felt appropriate.

Whilst I love the abstract aesthetic the album went with, I didn’t really think it
fit the title and theming of the album. A few weeks after, scans of the 6th Tour
COSMIC EXPLORER pamphlet came out, revealing a beautiful, retro sci-fi aesthetic that perfectly encapsulated the album’s theme.

Haven not done a big graphic design project in a while, I decided I’d make one
based around the extended version of the album I created, using the 6th Tour
photo shoot, keeping it as close as I could to past Perfume album booklets, whilst giving it a few flourishes of my own.

Link to set 1


I loved this documentary as a kid, a real eye-opener. I originally saw it in IMAX at the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. I loved the documentary so much I bought the videocassette~ By the way, I believe I was ten at the time. xD


Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma

Cosmic Voyage video


Kosmicheskiy reys, or Cosmic Voyage, is a 1936 Soviet silent film which I had the pleasure of seeing this weekend at the Castro - and it is fucking fantastic.

The characters include a potentially mad bearded old man, a pretty girl, a young boy and a heavily drugged cat. They go to the moon. Good times are had by all. What’s not to love?

And hey, you too can enjoy its glory in the comforts of your own home!

Sci fi movie Kickstarter project


If you haven’t seen the Russian silent science fiction epic Cosmic Voyage you’re really missing out.

Action, drama, romance, and wild special effects, it’s all there.

It’s now being translated into English as a Kickstarter project. Check it out and spread the word!


Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma (HD Cosmic Voyage Fan Video)

All footage is from the documentary “Cosmic Voyage”

Okay so this is the most epic video ever!! I googled it for the’s worth the 10 minutes..amazing!

Jasper Wijnands AKA Shook is the dream-funk space-disco producer who hails from Cybertron, Antarctica (according to his Soundcloud bio). Cybertron seems like a pretty apt home for this Dutch singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who finds himself leading the spaceway in the modern funk and disco scene amongst wash of Nile Rodgers/Daft Punk popups. This is the soundtrack to your cosmic voyage, press play and travel to outer space.

“Here is a mix of songs & sounds that I compiled, mixed, matched and edited a little bit :). Some are from a different time and some are more recent. I like to create a story for myself. To me it feels like a musical voyage from and to whatever I feel like.”

1. Shakatak - Covina
2. Casiopea - Asayake
3. Casiopea - Black Joke
4. Herbie Hancock - Help Yourself
5. Shook - Tonight
6. Jeff Lorber - Tropical
7. The Rah Band - Float
8. George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair
9. Shook - Milestones
10. Can - Tango Whiskeyman
11. 2010: The Year We Make Contact
12. Donald Fagen - I.G.Y (What A Beautiful Word)
13. The Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma
14. Mtume - Give It On Up (If You Want To)
15. Luke Million - Ice Ice Arnie (Cool Party) (Instrumental)
16. Siriusmo - Last Dear
17. Benny & Gain - Been & Gone
18. Tiger & Woods - Lab File #11
19. Shook - Almost There
20. Unknown Space Recording (14-10-1986)
21. Space - Magic Fly
22. Ilija Rudman - Show Me The Magic / Droid - Lasers & Conversations
23. Louis La Roche - Take Control
24. Stanley Clarke & Steve Gadd - Quiet Afternoon

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