cosmic rusting

Things To Do To A Cybertronian

*Unpleasant Things

Hey! This list does contain some potentially triggering material, so feel free to cross out anything you don’t want to use/write. Could be used either as RP material, referance material, or if you’d like to shoot me a character and a number I could whip up a little drabble too!

  1. Shadowplay (the use of mnemosurgery to alter one’s memories, beliefs, or personality)
  2. Empurata (the surgical removal and replacement of the face and hands with a single optic and pincer-claws, used as punishment by the functionalist regime)
  3. Vivincorporation (alterting a cybertronian into an inanimate object while keeping them alive and aware of their situation)
  4. Circuit Boosters / Syk Dose (powerful and dangerous illicit drugs)
  5. Slave Coding (coding that binds it’s victim to one or more masters, who cannot be disobeyed)
  6. Cosmic Rust (a virulent infection that can creep over bots quickly)
  7. Turned into a Sparkeater (an aggressive, feral, seemingly undead cybertronian with strange powers who feeds on the sparks of others)
  8. Cybercrosis (an illness of the spark and body that slowly incapacitates and kills it’s victims)
  9. Domestication (the trapping of a cybertronian in a beastmode form and reducing their intelligence to make them a pet)
  10. Memory Wipe (what it says on the tin, could have multiple causes)
  11. Spark Isolation (the removal of the spark and processor from the body, and isolation therof, as a form of punishment- sensory depravation)
  12. Spark Transfer (the tranfer of a spark from it’s native frame into a different frame, resulting in a new body)
  13. Reformat (the alteration of a Cybertronian’s body into something different, be it a new altmode or a new frametype)
  14. Tainted Energon Mutation (created the Dinobots in IDW, known to result in spectacular or monsterous mutations)
  15. Dead Universe Infection (gradually turns bots into the walking dead, or undead. Apparently also makes them purge black goo)
  16. Dark Energon (the blood of Unicron, can influence bots to his will or drive them insane)
  17. Terrorcons (ZOMBIES but not like your garden variety shamblers we’re talkin’ gross Resident Evil special zombies with probiscuses and stuff)
towards the sky,
      with feet and arms
   flailing wildly,
      trying to fly…
    diving into
       ivory dust
    soon to be crashing
       into cosmic rust.
    I am,
       I am,
   falling up.
      towards the sky,
   cutting your name
       into my skin,
    with the sharpest corners
       of burning starlight…
    bouncing from meteor
       to planet,
    bellowing every verse
        I’ve ever known,
    that reminds me of you,
       that I’ve written for you…
    I am,
       I am,
   falling up.
—  t. edana talbott // falling up

I felt like drawing the TFA twinks in inappropriately sexual shirts at 11 at night. It’s 3:13 am. This shouldn’t have taken me this long yet here I am. Anyway, I was trying to come up with a shirt for Rodimus to wear when I found one that said “All Daddy wanted was a blowjob” but it was for kids, implying that the sex, and therefore the child, was unplanned. Then I found one for adults and I thought it was fucking hilarious so of course I had to use it.

Anyway I like to imagine that these two would’ve been good friends back in training, but drifted apart due to different career paths. Maybe they could’ve met back up post TFA, since there was a storyline planned for Blurr being found by Sari. They could reconnect over terrible injuries, with cosmic rust and being crushed into a cube. Fun times.

laughter is the best medicine! unless you have internal bleeding, external bleeding, a virus, vertical dismemberment, severed limbs, a glitch, aging hands, cosmic rust, scraplets, metal fatigue, paralysis, leg sparkache, or cybonic plague

I’ve been spending some time on the human datanet and are you telling me that humans have developed a way to prevent disease and some other humans are against it??? What???

I mean I can understand not wanting to be jabbed with a needle but if someone told me I could get jabbed with a needle and then be immune to cosmic rust I’d hold out my arm and turn the rest of my body away so I wouldn’t have to see it

Revisiting an icon: Hubble captures the Pillars of Creation twenty years on

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured many breathtaking images of the Universe, but one snapshot stands out from the rest: the Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation. In 1995 Hubble’s iconic image revealed never-before-seen details in the giant columns and now the telescope is kickstarting its 25th year in orbit with an even clearer, and more stunning, image of these beautiful structures.

The three impressive towers of gas and dust captured in this image are part of the Eagle Nebula, otherwise known as Messier 16. Although such features are not uncommon in star-forming regions, the Messier 16 structures are by far the most photogenic and evocative ever captured. The Hubble image of the pillars taken in 1995 is so popular that it has appeared in film and television, on tee-shirts and pillows, and even on postage stamps.

Now Hubble has revisited the famous pillars, capturing the multi-coloured glow of gas clouds, wispy tendrils of dark cosmic dust, and the rust-coloured elephants’ trunks with the newer Wide Field Camera 3, installed in 2009. The visible-light image builds on one of the most iconic astronomy images ever taken and provides astronomers with an even sharper and wider view.

In addition to this new visible-light image, Hubble has also produced a bonus image. This image is taken in infrared light, which penetrates much of the obscuring dust and gas and unveils a more unfamiliar view of the pillars, transforming them into wispy silhouettes set against a background peppered with stars. Here newborn stars, hidden in the visible-light view, can be seen forming within the pillars themselves.

Although the original image was dubbed the “Pillars of Creation”, this new image hints that they are also pillars of destruction. The dust and gas in these pillars is seared by intense radiation from the young stars forming within them, and eroded by strong winds from massive nearby stars. The ghostly bluish haze around the dense edges of the pillars in the visible-light view is material that is being heated by bright young stars and evaporating away.

With these new images come better contrast and clearer views of the region. Astronomers can use these new images to study how the physical structure of the pillars is changing over time. The infrared image shows that the reason the pillars exist is because the very ends of them are dense, and they shadow the gas below them, creating the long, pillar-like structures. The gas in between the pillars has long since been blown away by the winds from a nearby star cluster.

At the top edge of the left-hand pillar, a gaseous fragment has been heated up and is flying away from the structure, highlighting the violent nature of star-forming regions.

These massive stars may be slowly destroying the pillars but they are also the reason Hubble sees the structures at all. They radiate enough ultraviolet light to illuminate the area and make the clouds of oxygen, hydrogen and sulphur glow.

Image credit: NASA, ESA/Hubble and the Hubble Heritage Team

Cosmic Rust Windblade