cosmic rusting

I want a transformers racing game where you can drive and race like a normal person but also transform into a robot and run the track and shoot other cars on the track for like ten seconds once a lap or something

powerups available along the track: energon cube raises health; dark energon cube for powerup but with risk of your controls becoming harder to handle; a newspark for an extra life [on limited life gametypes]; Nuke for speed boost; circuitbooster is a random chance item, you either gain a really cool weapon that will wipe out an enemy in one hit, or you take a huge loss in health; ununtrium for temporary invincibility

powerdowns: fool’s energon, duller than a regular energon cube so it’s hard to tell the difference, slows you down temporarily; acid rain puddles; magnets that slow you down when you roll over them; that special Sparkeater weapon that instakills you if you touch it; cosmic rust that eats away at your health unless you grab energon cubes or healed by medic; scraplets, watch out for the random swarm of scraplets

medics can heal you if they’re in proximity and zap ye with that heal ray

Idw Transformers and TFA crossover?

This is a long post because I lost control. Sorry.

Please imagine IDW Brainstorm recreated the geobomb for universe jumping. Like not a universe with a different timeline, but one of those universes with unlimited possibilities.

Rodimus and Nightbeat practically jumped head first into the universe traveling machine. They came to a world where the Autobot are tiny, the Decepticons are HUGE. (“Are Decepticons and Autobots labels for species, not factions?” Nightbeat asks excitedly). Femmes were always a part of Cybertron. Primes are not holy beings, but a military rank. There’s a tiny techno organic that’s made from Decepticon CNA who immediately wormed her way into nerdy hearts.

Ofc one of the first things they do is gawk at their alternate universe’s selves. Rodimus is a little perturbed that his alternate self was so close to dying from cosmic rust, but they bond because IDW Rodimus loves TFA Roddy’s colors and sick bow. He immediately commissions Brainstorm for a golden bow and arrows that can ignite/trail flames. Everyone grew a crush on this gorgeous Rodimus Prime, even his alternate self.

The Rod Squad took multiple selfies with this super cute (AMAZINGLY kissable tiny Optimus Prime). With mixed feelings but with an uncontrollable need, most of them hit on a bemused OP.

The Ratchets meet. Nuff said. Drift laughs because “Primus, your grouchiness jumped universes 💕,” before flirting with this short and thick version of Ratchet. He finds TFA Ratchet endlessly alluring and charming. IDW Ratchet begrudgingly tolerates this because it’s him? Kinda? He’s still happy to know that Drift would like him in multiple universes. TFA Ratchet is confused and flattered, and bats away TFA Bumblebee’s sulking.

TFA Bumblebee found IDW unbearably attractive and sobbed into Bulkhead’s arms in despair. From then on he made goo goo eyes at his Ratchet before catching himself and drives off into the horizon for a few hours.

Rodimus immediately laughs into Sentinel Prime’s face upon meeting him. Magnus had to apologize for decency and diplomacy, but he almost broke a smile. Not so feared here, IDW Sentinel Prime.

On the TFA universe’s side, the Autobot were a little wary of the “Autobot” flightframes. It doesn’t help that the Rod Squad’s flight frames are big and shady. Brainstorm was a triple-crosser and mad scientist. Cyclonus proved to universally follow(”ed?”) Galvatron. THEY MET WHIRL.

(More under the cut.)

Most have very negative feelings about Whirl at first. Here’s an “Autobot” who definitely a Decepticon in disguise. He’s huge, a flightframe, vulgar, and blood thirsty. How can an Autobot be bloodthirsty? They were wary of Whirl. Whirl however doesn’t give much fucks. He just wants to fight these huge ass Decepticons, and spitefully and gleefully flaunts himself. He terrorizes the civilian Autobots (he snorts vocally) by flying in their city before Magnus made him stop. He has it personally out for Shockwave, who looks too similar to him. He screeches and flap his rotors the first time he saw Shockwave.

To the Decepticons, however, they find Brainstorm, Cyclonus, and especially Whirl, incredibly hot. Megatron immediately orders recruitment efforts, and wistfully strokes his monitor. Blitzwing made the posters: WANTED. “In more ways that one” were the subtexts.

Many TFA Autobots are more comfortable Tailgate, Rewind, and Swerve because they’re small and non threatening–familiar and indisputably cute.

Finally, Brainstorm meets TFA Perceptor. His good time was ruined for a while. He thought that his universe was mocking him. TFA Perceptor is the amalgamation of the two people he desperately wanted in his life. And ofc TFA Percy could not possibly return his affections because this Perceptor erased his emotions. He still wants to hang around TFA Perceptor and Wheeljack though, for the sake of science.

I got to talking with @deerkat, and decided that MAYBE TFA Perceptor isn’t totally unaffected. Brainstorm is a genius flightframe who built a time machine that supposedly created his universe*. Brainstorm is supposed to be an example of why Perceptor erased his emotions, but Brainstorm’s passion, impulse, and love is what made him achieve so much–more than what Percy or a planet full of Autobot scientists has ever done. This Perceptor wants to be close to study this illogical and eccentric scientist. For science of course. Hmm yes, just for science.

Please add to this if you have any headcanons about this type of crossover 💞.

*In Braintorm’s arc Braintorm canonically made it possible for multiple universes to exist because Perceptor messed around with his paradox padlock. What a guy.

Things To Do To A Cybertronian

*Unpleasant Things

Hey! This list does contain some potentially triggering material, so feel free to cross out anything you don’t want to use/write. Could be used either as RP material, referance material, or if you’d like to shoot me a character and a number I could whip up a little drabble too!

  1. Shadowplay (the use of mnemosurgery to alter one’s memories, beliefs, or personality)
  2. Empurata (the surgical removal and replacement of the face and hands with a single optic and pincer-claws, used as punishment by the functionalist regime)
  3. Vivincorporation (alterting a cybertronian into an inanimate object while keeping them alive and aware of their situation)
  4. Circuit Boosters / Syk Dose (powerful and dangerous illicit drugs)
  5. Slave Coding (coding that binds it’s victim to one or more masters, who cannot be disobeyed)
  6. Cosmic Rust (a virulent infection that can creep over bots quickly)
  7. Turned into a Sparkeater (an aggressive, feral, seemingly undead cybertronian with strange powers who feeds on the sparks of others)
  8. Cybercrosis (an illness of the spark and body that slowly incapacitates and kills it’s victims)
  9. Domestication (the trapping of a cybertronian in a beastmode form and reducing their intelligence to make them a pet)
  10. Memory Wipe (what it says on the tin, could have multiple causes)
  11. Spark Isolation (the removal of the spark and processor from the body, and isolation therof, as a form of punishment- sensory depravation)
  12. Spark Transfer (the tranfer of a spark from it’s native frame into a different frame, resulting in a new body)
  13. Reformat (the alteration of a Cybertronian’s body into something different, be it a new altmode or a new frametype)
  14. Tainted Energon Mutation (created the Dinobots in IDW, known to result in spectacular or monsterous mutations)
  15. Dead Universe Infection (gradually turns bots into the walking dead, or undead. Apparently also makes them purge black goo)
  16. Dark Energon (the blood of Unicron, can influence bots to his will or drive them insane)
  17. Terrorcons (ZOMBIES but not like your garden variety shamblers we’re talkin’ gross Resident Evil special zombies with probiscuses and stuff)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good starscream-centered fanfics? If you don't have any in mind it's ok, it just seems like you'd know. Thanks!

Heck yeck I do!

On AO3:
Plague by MeZaKi93- Story about the ‘Cons getting infected with cosmic rust, very interesting, one of my favs.
Wings by Espioc- A mystery type story, also focuses around Windblade and such.
Frozen Heart by purple01_prose- A magic AU focused on Starscream and Windblade, a decently shippy fic. Very interesting; Starscream seems to have a curse put on him.
Fly, Fly, Fly by Archaeopteryx Feather- An in depth fic about Starscream’s trying to return home from earth after he lost Skyfire. This one is my absolute favorite fic to read of all time.
Orientations & Triangulations Part 1: Rejects, Party of 3 by Nineofwords- A story of how Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker all met. Mostly centered around TC, but I love the interactions with him and SS. One of the most unique fics I’ve read. 

Anyway, those are just some of my favorites! I’m currently reading Wings and Frozen Heart, and I love them.

I felt like drawing the TFA twinks in inappropriately sexual shirts at 11 at night. It’s 3:13 am. This shouldn’t have taken me this long yet here I am. Anyway, I was trying to come up with a shirt for Rodimus to wear when I found one that said “All Daddy wanted was a blowjob” but it was for kids, implying that the sex, and therefore the child, was unplanned. Then I found one for adults and I thought it was fucking hilarious so of course I had to use it.

Anyway I like to imagine that these two would’ve been good friends back in training, but drifted apart due to different career paths. Maybe they could’ve met back up post TFA, since there was a storyline planned for Blurr being found by Sari. They could reconnect over terrible injuries, with cosmic rust and being crushed into a cube. Fun times.

TFA Lost Light AU Facts

…that I just made up and I wholeheartedly support other people adding to this.

Rodimus and Drift keep track of wins, while racing in altmode around the ship. So far, Drift is winning by a margin of 5-to-4, and Rodimus cheats.

Rodimus is super defensive of his crew and the fastest way to start a fight is to threaten them. If you want to get Rodimus actually frothing mad, then you go a step further and threaten members of Team Athena (like Red Alert, or Hot Shot).

Drift occasionaly forgets that he can’t fly anymore, but it’s okay because he’s super good at landing gracefully from great heights, so he can pretty much always fake it and go “I meant to do that”.

Red Alert has been known to use a low-level laser from her transfer interlink arm to “gently encourage” people to leave the medbay if they’re bothering her, or her patients.

There are at least twenty Mini-Cons onboard the Lost Light, however nobody is exacty sure how many there are, where they are at any given moment, or what their names are, save for the other Mini-Cons. And they prefer it that way.

Swerve is smaller than you think he is. He’s literally ¼ the height of most autobots. He’s technically small enough to be classified as a very large Mini-Con. I’m not kidding when I said I was gonna make Swerve tiny.

Cyclonus knows an awful lot about Earth for someone who claims to have never been near the planet.

Rodimus, Drift, and Skids (and possibly Sunstreaker) met due to all being in intensive care/therapy for various ailments- Rodimus’ cosmic rust, Drift’s full-frame-transfer, and Skids’ amnesia/processor damage. Sometimes they all still complain about the nurses and medics together.

Before Tailgate went into stasis, he was around at a point in time when Mini-Cons were not given personal freedoms and as a result he’s still very confused and enthralled by concepts like getting paid for work, and not necessarily having to answer to an authority figure.

Cyclonus and Drift are filthy goddamn rich. Like, say what you will about Decepticons, but their economy is way more active than the Autobots’. Drift won’t say exacty how he amassed all his savings (although he does admit to having done some ‘casual bounty hunting’ in his Decepticon days), and Cyclonus earned most of his shanix gambling, possiby using his knowledge of the future to cheat.

Rodimus struggles with a newfound fear of weakness and paralysis, so if you ever wanna see him have a panic attack, a pair of stasis cuffs will do the trick. Also, don’t do this, that’s mean.

laughter is the best medicine! unless you have internal bleeding, external bleeding, a virus, vertical dismemberment, severed limbs, a glitch, aging hands, cosmic rust, scraplets, metal fatigue, paralysis, leg sparkache, or cybonic plague