cosmic rusting

Things To Do To A Cybertronian

*Unpleasant Things

Hey! This list does contain some potentially triggering material, so feel free to cross out anything you don’t want to use/write. Could be used either as RP material, referance material, or if you’d like to shoot me a character and a number I could whip up a little drabble too!

  1. Shadowplay (the use of mnemosurgery to alter one’s memories, beliefs, or personality)
  2. Empurata (the surgical removal and replacement of the face and hands with a single optic and pincer-claws, used as punishment by the functionalist regime)
  3. Vivincorporation (alterting a cybertronian into an inanimate object while keeping them alive and aware of their situation)
  4. Circuit Boosters / Syk Dose (powerful and dangerous illicit drugs)
  5. Slave Coding (coding that binds it’s victim to one or more masters, who cannot be disobeyed)
  6. Cosmic Rust (a virulent infection that can creep over bots quickly)
  7. Turned into a Sparkeater (an aggressive, feral, seemingly undead cybertronian with strange powers who feeds on the sparks of others)
  8. Cybercrosis (an illness of the spark and body that slowly incapacitates and kills it’s victims)
  9. Domestication (the trapping of a cybertronian in a beastmode form and reducing their intelligence to make them a pet)
  10. Memory Wipe (what it says on the tin, could have multiple causes)
  11. Spark Isolation (the removal of the spark and processor from the body, and isolation therof, as a form of punishment- sensory depravation)
  12. Spark Transfer (the tranfer of a spark from it’s native frame into a different frame, resulting in a new body)
  13. Reformat (the alteration of a Cybertronian’s body into something different, be it a new altmode or a new frametype)
  14. Tainted Energon Mutation (created the Dinobots in IDW, known to result in spectacular or monsterous mutations)
  15. Dead Universe Infection (gradually turns bots into the walking dead, or undead. Apparently also makes them purge black goo)
  16. Dark Energon (the blood of Unicron, can influence bots to his will or drive them insane)
  17. Terrorcons (ZOMBIES but not like your garden variety shamblers we’re talkin’ gross Resident Evil special zombies with probiscuses and stuff)

I felt like drawing the TFA twinks in inappropriately sexual shirts at 11 at night. It’s 3:13 am. This shouldn’t have taken me this long yet here I am. Anyway, I was trying to come up with a shirt for Rodimus to wear when I found one that said “All Daddy wanted was a blowjob” but it was for kids, implying that the sex, and therefore the child, was unplanned. Then I found one for adults and I thought it was fucking hilarious so of course I had to use it.

Anyway I like to imagine that these two would’ve been good friends back in training, but drifted apart due to different career paths. Maybe they could’ve met back up post TFA, since there was a storyline planned for Blurr being found by Sari. They could reconnect over terrible injuries, with cosmic rust and being crushed into a cube. Fun times.

@dynestark in episode 45 of the Transformers G1 series Megatron, Astrotrain and Starscream come across an abandoned Autobot colony world. Upon investigating they activate an old message left before the planet basically died off entirely. The warning given in the annual to Pyra Magna is the exact same warning given in the G1 episode, warning against the cosmic rust. Cosmic rust is a Cybertronian disease, very bad, can be deadly. not sure if that’s the explanation you were looking for, but that’s about the only one I got.

Cosmic Rust Windblade



The Golden Choice.


It all happened so quickly, no one could see it coming. All in one cycle the shifters have taken over Cybertron. It all appeared at once. Only the survivors were now standing in line, awaiting their fate.

One by one, each was counted.


The line getting shorter and shorter… Now it was Rodimus’ turn.

The shifter holding the datapad narrowed his green eyes. This one recently left the medical ward for cosmic rust, and had memory loss… Could he work? No… He’ll just forget to do his job…