cosmic relief

For One Wish

I wanted to write about something else tonight, but then it needed the concentration of almost 2 hours, so, let’s see if I can do something about it soon.

Anyway, I heard a song by Roxette today, which made me happy, always, but I don’t know why did it made me so sad today.

The song is “One Wish”.

No matter what people say, no matter how electronic the song is, I still love it.

It has a shiny factor to it.
It has got an element to make you smile.
It has a concept which makes you think for a bit.

“You might make a wish for money or Peace, you’d make a wish for cosmic relief, shade by the trees, green summer leaves”

Money and peace - big things
Tree shade, green leaves - small thing

You see how the song has beautifully showed both the big and small matter?

“If you had one wish, would it be about me?”

And out of all the things in life, would the wish be for the loved one?

It seems like a song which Per wrote without thinking too much, it’s a song which seems to have found words in Per’s mind naturally. Musically, it gets too electronic, but it still has a cute factor to it.

Yes, “One wish” is a really cute song!

I watched the song along with its video today, and I just felt sad. The video was really nice as well, a little too RGB-ed, which makes you wish you’re wearing 3D glasses, but with all the glimpses of the beautiful glory of Roxette, the way Per and Marie both are in the video.

I guess it’s Marie which made me so blue. Watch closely, you’ll see Marie giving some moves too. Oh dearest Marie!

And the weirdest thing - it has been 11 years since we first got to hear this song, the first song of Roxette after 2001-02, it meant a lot. It naturally makes its place in your heart.

Per and Marie, both look amazing in this video, don’t you think so?

“Maybe one day….”

Love and Peace