cosmic reality

It's Coming...

Ujungs prepare yourselves…

You’ve seen the pictures…

You’ve seen the videos…

Can you feel it?

Can you smell that smelly smell that smells smelly?

Yes, it’s that smell…

I smell a comeback.


Hey Shaq? Here’s How You Can Figure Out The Earth Is Round For Yourself

“Come to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and do this test yourself. If you can get more than six kilometers away and still see the bottom of a buoy from sea level, regardless of ocean waves, I’ll wear your jersey to every sporting event I ever go to, for the rest of my life. But if you can’t (or if you cheat, such as by going to higher elevations), you have to make a video of you singing a song about the roundness of the Earth. It might not ever achieve the success of What’s Up, Doc? (Can We Rock), but if you’re willing to learn the great cosmic truths behind our reality, maybe you’ll be willing to share that joy and that knowledge with everyone who looks up to you.”

Perhaps the reason so many of us don’t quite believe the Earth is round is because we can’t directly see it for ourselves. At any point we happen to be on the Earth’s surface, when we look around in all directions, it appears to be flat. On his great sea voyage, Magellan and his crew never once perceived the Earth to be round, yet they circumnavigated the entire globe after enough distance had been traveled. Shaq may never have noticed the Earth’s curvature at any point along his I-10 drive from Florida to California, but if he had just gone a little farther – into the ocean – he could have seen it for himself. The effects of Earth’s curvature will cause buoys to appear more distant, closer to the horizon, and eventually to slip over it, depending on your height above sea level and your distance to the buoy.

Measure those two things correctly, and you’ll not only know that the Earth is round, you’ll be able to deduce the size of our world. Come find out how!

Okay but like…setting aside the whole “I’m gonna turn Jewish characters and characters written by Jewish writers into Nazis because I’m Edgy™” thing for just a moment for the sake of argument…I can’t believe there are people who are defending Spencer by saying what he’s writing is “interesting” or “new and refreshing” like really? Really??

Like ohh, mind control!! Reality altering!! What new and amazing original concepts we have here, I’ve never seen anything like that before!! Wow!!!

I mean, those things are fine (when they’re done right) but you can’t tell me that they’re original concepts.  Especially because when the first issue of HydraCap was released, Marvel was all like “Nope no mind control no clones no nothing this is the Actual Steve Rogers we are straight up about this” and like, wow!!!…what a fucking plot twist.  Bullshit Cosmic Cube, bullshit reality altering, bullshit mind control, bullshit overblown event.

But I guess to dudebro comic book fans, the case of “WHAT If Cap was eeevvviiiillllll???  And what if the NAZIS actually won the war ooohhhhh no one’s thought of that one!!!” is just a mind blowing concept to them like……….alright

Like The Moon, The Moonchild

The ultimate realisation or the ultimate awakening depends on how exactly we look at things. Look at the moon, for example, when we see moon we see it in all it’s glory, and all it’s roundness. But slowly, and slowly, it starts to lose its roundness. Then A day comes when moon entirely disappears, then on the first day moon is just an arc. It shows for a while, then its gone. The truth, The One, You and I as One as there, such as moon is always there. In certain kind of a reflection we see moon in a new appearance. But whether we see it or not and regardless if it’s being reflected or not, it’s always there.

Think of yourself standing in front of all kinds of mirrors at once, each mirror will reflect a certain part of you in it’s own manner. With it’s own perspective. What mirror says is not the truth. The truth is within you, unreflected.

Its deep within you. There’s neither a lamp needed nor a mirror. Within you, deep inside of you is neither light nor darkness. It is what it is, but you can understand it as twilight. When the sun has set but the night hasn’t come yet, there’s that gap. In that gap, there’s a light that is there but it’s not coming from the sun. It’s You.

Each moment embraces you with the entirety of truth open with it’s door. If you let go for a moment, if you pause yourself and allow yourself to flow in the moment, to get comfortable in it - comfortable in not doing anything. You will experience that light within you like an explosion of love, and ecstasy.


Voltron Superhero AU

Another wonderful AU crafted by me and @bluelightningbug, with additional help from @ink-rose-the-hylian, @nightcrawler-fan, @tamaction, @invisiblemanda and @esamitch, who are all awesome.

Basically, it’s a Voltron AU where they’re superheroes, instead giant robot pilots.

The central story is similar to canon, with the difference being that each lion, instead of being a giant robot, is actually a magical, Quintessence infused pendant that, like a Green Lantern ring, is wielded by those it deems worthy, and granting them superpowers. The superpowers vary from user to user, “enhancing that which is within”.

Initially, the Pendant must be recharged every 24 hours, but as the user grows more comfortable with the Pendant, the longer the charge lasts, until the Pendant is no longer needed, and the powers are permanent.

The story line for the AU is, again, very similar to canon, with Zarkon ruling much of the Galaxy, Shiro having been a prisoner, Allura and Coran being the last of their species, and so on, except that certain elements may change since here, the Galra Empire is attempting to recreate the Pendants, and Shay tags along with the Voltron group, becoming a full fledged member, albeit without a Pendant, as her powers are a natural extension to her connection to the Balmera, and the Quintessence within it. The same goes for Coran and Allura, whose powers are derived from Altean biology, and, particularly in Allura’s case, a close connection to Quintessence.

So, with those explanations aside, let me show you a list of the Paladins, and their powers. Feel free to send suggestions, story ideas, and the like, since I’m always keen to discuss any AU I’ve made.

Get your AU under the cut.

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dreamtrue80  asked:

Talking about reality changing cosmic consequences, I'd love to see the boys and Cas thrown into an alternate reality at the end of season 12. Then season 13 see them all moving from reality to reality trying to figure out how to deal with the current reality and find a way back home, Quantum Leap style. Maybe spend only 1 episode in some realities, longer in others, change dynamics up, sometimes Cas is human and the boys angels, sometimes they are the monsters etc. Thoughts?

Sometimes they have tentacles….

I think that’s a cool idea but its just too big a departure from the formula to be sustainable for more than one episode…

quillig4n  asked:

Hey, i have been hearing bits and pieces about something happened with marvel but i don't know what happened?

Ok so essentially what happened is that Marvel have created a comic arc where the Nazis actually won WW2 but SHIELD had used some device or cosmic power to rewrite reality. So this entire Marvel universe is set in a fake reality where we won WW2. But now that’s been reversed somehow and Captain America is now a Nazi…like it doesn’t sound as bad as we make it out to be like its “just a story” but like it’s pushing the CEO’s agenda as he is a right wing Trump supporter. Like he funded large amounts of his campaign…

bullbasaurusrex  asked:

What are your thoughts/theories on the most recent issue/twist in Secret Empire?

Okay so spoilers for Secret Empire #2. We all know that the Steve who is running Hydra isn’t really Steve, it’s an evil alternate reality version of him that was created by the Cosmic Cube. So here’s my thoughts after the end of issue 2 where we see our Steve alive and saving someone from the Serpent Society. If you’ll notice the art changes just for that segment, which makes me think that there’s two options here. Either that’s the inside of the Cosmic Cube, some reality that exist within the cube that the real Steve is now trapped inside, or the evil Steve wasn’t just created by the Cosmic Cube, he was brought here from his evil alternate reality, and our Steve was sent over there and swapped places with him. 

Now here’s my big question, not where is Steve, as I said I think it’s one of those two options I said up there. My big question is… who is that lady he saves? Because she’s got blonde hair just like Sharon Carter, so could that be the alternate reality Sharon Carter or some version of her that Steve’s mind created inside the cube? I say this because the Sharon Carter of our universe aged about thirty years inside Dimension Z, and I’m cool with that but you know Marvel is like “Yeah but that’s going to be confusing to new readers and she’s not like that in the movies,” so they’re looking for a way to deage her, so swapping her with a younger alternate reality or version of her from the cube would do that.